Old hematite solitaire earrings now converted to 14kt gold post

IMG_9427.JPG IMG_9428.JPG 750FF5E6-B3AD-426A-9AE1-4D7C438C08A4-387-000000365F24DFB3.jpeg 927E72AF-E587-4F9A-9F77-7F14AEA93227-387-0000003658AC0125.jpeg 40AB5265-93ED-489E-8BB9-2D637CD64ABF-387-0000003650AC672E.jpeg i bought these earrings on ebay. I love hematite...the flash and the mysterious look of the stone...and, these were made to look like solitaires but since flat backed they sit right on the ear. The screwbacks were charming but i feared loss of an earring and they pinched a bit at times. I took them yesterday and had 14kt gold (for my sensitive lobes) posts put on and the screw back removed. He used a laser to keep all safe. I have extra large gold backs on them to hold them in place. They came out great. Here are before and after shots.
Beautiful! They look perfect on your ears :)
I really love hematite - I would love a tennis necklace in hematite with stones set like this. Can't find one though. Only beaded. These look like huge black diamonds but...have more flash that I cannot pick up in photos - due to that sheen of hematite. I'm so glad I had the posts added ...the screwbacks were annoying. I hated to mess with them but, glad it worked out. Thank you for looking :)