Oec. Amora are they making more?


I saw that there were a few restocked in the 1.2 ct range but they were al D color.
I thought that they weren't going to make this cut anymore ?

I wouldn't mind having one, but in a 1.75- 2.5ct size and more like an E or F color. So is there hope after all?
It just so happened that they had rough that would have been good to cut into OEC. But i doubt they will be making more any time soon because of the oval and radiant cut.
I haven't been here in so long, I just came back to ask the exact same question. I am dying for a 2ct OEC! I actually sent an e-mail and the representative said this...

"As far as I am aware, we are expecting a limited restock of Amora Gems approximately once a week.
There is not a set day or time that restocks happen, and I do not yet know which cuts, sizes, or color/clarity combinations will be available in the next restock(s), however I do not believe there are plans to cut any more OEC Amora Gems anytime soon - perhaps not until next year."

It was a very speedy reply to my inquiry but unfortunately not with the best news :'(
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