No sugar?!

Great job B & B! You can both do it!

I am annoyed that they use agave nectar in my dd's class for sweetening things. Is there a website you can reccomend for me to print out the info and give it to the teacher e. taylor?
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The Black Orlov
if you do a google search you'll get a TON. Here are a few:

and webmd who says that HFCS isn't bad for you will also say that agave is on the same level as HFCS.

I don't like Mercola, but he's right on this one:

etc. etc. etc.

I have a great video somewhere about sugar. I'll have to find it and post.
LOL Kanga!!

I was doing OK (not cutting out completely but cutting back A LOT) until DD made Mothers Day dinner and dessert. *sigh* Then I was bad all week....I ate half a funnel cake for dinner last night and I just ate 3 Oreo cookies. *hangs head in shame*
The funnel cake for dinner was the worst but we went to the fair and I just couldn't help myself. I felt rather nauseous later in the evening but I think it was more that it was fried than covered with tons of powered sugar. I generally don't eat fried or greasy foods and sometimes even the smell of fried foods makes me queasy.
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I don't know how people with a sweet tooth can go off sugar completely?!! My mother in law did it when she was diagnosed as a pre diabetic. Now that I've been diagnosed with the same--I've had to cut out deserts and sugars. But--that first cup of coffee in the morning--I have to have 1 teaspoon of sugar and the rest is splenda.

KANGA--my mother in law always used to take a sliver of whatever was the desert of the occasion. I don't know if you want to try that. When I asked her how she was able to do this--she said that we--all of us have more will power than we think that we do. She also prayed a lot. She never got headaches when she went off her sugar. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and for all of my sparkly sisters.

Hugs to everyone. They're calorie free!

P.S. I can't do only one sliver. I'd probably eat half of the cake. For me a sliver is a very bad idea. So, be careful with my advice, KANGA.