Nice customer feedback on their Takara Super Ideal lab diamond!


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Hi all,
Happy to share the latest review from a customer on their Takara Super Ideal H&A:

I recently bought a 0.46ct Takara diamond on behalf of my brother (as his to be engagement ring) and we are very satisfied with it, and so is his fiancee. So much fire and brilliance from this dainty diamond.​
Just a feedback, it would be great to have the proportion of the diamond (e.g. table, depth, angle) to be stated in the certificate.​
Otherwise I'm very impressed with it and looking forward to more Takara in the future.​
Greatly appreciate the review and feedback! We will check with the lab about putting the angles on the cert. We didn't do that before as all are cut to AGS-000 Super Ideal so the angles are very much the same...anyway, we have posted the angles and details for now on our FAQ page as well.

We have more Takara's (larger) in progress now, and thanks again to this customer for their feeedback!

Takara Super Ideal H&A lab diamond page

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