Newsweek article on Man-made diamonds


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Very nice articles. I've often wondered how much lab-grown diamonds worry/bother DeBeers and the other large diamond companies. They're less expensive, have no blood on them....and the diamond companies cannot control their release on the market. While I know the makers will be careful not to flood the market and kill their own business, I do think it could definitely take away a substantial amount of business from DeBeers and the others.
I know when I have some cash, I'm getting a pink and will be very happy about it! I like the fact that unlike some sims, I will never have to replace it and it will be a very unique family heirloom piece.
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Any idea why there aren't more of these stones selling right now? Clearly there is allot of interest (G&G had a report - a bit dated now: LINK .) but somehow it looks like more effort and cash went into the lab ID tools than making the synthetics themselves.

Not sure which sounds more appealing: a super-computer on my desk (perhaps with one of those diamond chips!) or a large synthetic diamond hanging around casually looking good.

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BTD Crown Jewel
Not sure which sounds more appealing: a super-computer on my desk (perhaps with one of those diamond chips!) or a large synthetic diamond hanging around casually looking good. <img src='''' alt='''' />
Does it have to be an ''either or'' choice?!!! I'd love to sit at the super-computer adoring the large synthetic diamond on my hand. <img src='''' alt='''' /> <img src='''' alt='''' /> <img src='''' alt='''' /> <img src='''' alt='''' />
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I have always been confused as to why DeBeers controls nearly 80% of the market? Who are the other diamond cartels? I too wear moissanite, and although I have diamonds, those were purchased before really knowing about blood diamonds, and the one cross pendant I have was a gift from hubby who assured me no blood diamonds there. I think as time goes on, especially with gold and platinum soaring in price, we will see more people opting for the precious metals, and lab created gems as their stones of choice. I will always love near colorless diamonds, but to afford the 1.25 carat moissie we bought last year, I would have spent thousands of dollars more, and why bother?
I think any company that has created a monopoly on the diamond market, and have been the bully on the block that use intimidation, and buy off everyone along the way and ... whatever else tactics to retain their position are pathetic , not to mention using poor little kids to mine and polish diamonds and giving them a dollar a day is deeply disturbed. Anyhow, I do not see why drowning in greed to the point of madness would be rewarding. I refuse to buy diamonds from them. I'm doing my due diligence and researching alot before I buy a set of diamond earrings or maybe even white sapphire . I'm looking for a reputable lab creating company.
I almost went with Sona. However I've read some negative reports about Sona. I think the company truly hilarious. I thought Sona was in Israel but it is in Atlanta in a strip mall. I thought maybe there are two companys with the same name? Anyhow any reputable company out there let me know
Oh my gosh! Ladies! If anyone remembers me rambling on about how I did a speech on sims and alternative gemstones....well, I actually USED the romancing the stone article to cite in my speech! It's available on my school's article finder thing! Here, let me go search for a bit...I'm sure I can grab at least that one...don't recognize the name for the other one, but let me try.
Ok. Well, I think I might have gotten too excited. Less posted this on February 12, 2005. There were a few articles on the database called ''Romancing the Stone''. However, this is the one I used...and it was published February 14, 2005 in Newsweek, so I think it's a strong possibility it could be the same one. There is a disclaimer thing on the bottom that says I can't post it because it's Newsweek's property blah blah blah...but if anyone's interested, PM me and I'll copy and paste the article to you. I thought it was pretty interesting! But then again...ANYTHING relating to jewelry for a school assignment is interesting
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