Newbie with issues

Hi all,

I am a lifelong jewelry lover running into quality issues.
I am frustrated and disheartened because I have recently received several pieces of jewelry with chips to tables or girdles, loads of lint under the prongs, a crack on an accent ruby etc and that doesn’t count the jewelry damaged by a local jeweler.

I guess I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing these quality issues and if anyone has suggestions about quality repair work or quality vendors?

I’ve run into people acting like it’s nitpicking to not want a damaged stone in a new purchase or damage to a beloved piece during servicing.

I think you should be able to expect ‘like new’ jewelry when you buy it.
Thanks for commiseration or advice.


The Black Orlov
I'm late to this but I certainly do understand it's hard to find a good local jeweler. I think we have all had our share of difficulties there. Personally the last local jeweler I went to botched the job so miserably I refused to pay for it until he fixed it, which he did by handing it over to his best bench jeweler, who thankfully did a very nice job. I just tried to use that same jeweler again for some resizing work only to discover it wasn't properly done(after my husband had already paid for the work) so I am now on the hunt for another local jeweler who takes pride in the work. As for online jewelers I believe there are several used by members here who do good work but I've never used them. The one piece I did commission on line was through Etsy and she did an excellent job.

As for purchasing 'like new' pieces only to find them damaged you might consider filing claims through your payment source. I purchase most of my pieces pre-owned (I actually prefer to buy 'used' jewelry) and have been fortunate that they have all been in great condition when they arrived. But when I do purchase I use Paypal as a safe guard due to their guarantees and the clout it affords you. Credit cards do not care whether you are mistreated by a seller but Paypal usually will.