New to me Cartier Trinity rolling band

I had been wanting/lusting after a Cartier Trinity rolling ring for a while but, with other expenses looming, I couldn't justify spending the money at this time. I was checking out one of my favourite sites - Oliver Jewellery (for any Torontonians out there you will know him from his cheesy commercials as the "cash man ohhhh yeah" LOL) and I came accross the 2.9mm and couldn't resist, especially 'cause the price was just less than half the cost of new. Here are a couple of pics:

And with my AG:

The ring is in great shape and this jeweller has a goldsmith on the premises that refurbishes all of their resale pieces so they look almost as good as new. I've been scouring e-bay for the last little while and was about to pull the trigger on a classic size trinity (4 mm vs 2.9 mm bands) but I was nervous about the authenticity given the ultra low price and the item is located in Japan (actually there are a lot of Cartier trinity rings being sold out of Japan.) I decided to check out local pawn and gold resale shops and luckily found this ring. I'm glad that I had a chance to try on the classic and small versions because once I tried them on I felt like the classic looked too wide overall and I wouldn't be able to comfortably wear it with either of my solitaires so I was thrilled when he mentioned that he had a 2.9 mm in my size that had just been cleaned up - the price was right so I snatched it up!