New BTD customer photo gallery: Post Pics Here

Here is my future engagement ring with two Montana sapphires. We ended up picking the bigger blue sapphire. So excited! Ok I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures so bear with me here.


I ordered Timeless Regal Reproduction
Amora gem 1.48 carat E VVS1 Ring size 4.25 Palladium

Ordered on May 1st Received on may 12th
But this ring is a lot different than the picture on the BTD homepage. I like it this way a lot though but I had to send it back to BTD cuz it snags my hair and all kinds of fabrics.

Here's the link
asscher porn. 1.45 ct f if. Round is a ,67 diamond vvs1 unknown color, really don't know the cut on this one, passed down to me from mil. I really wish I had an asscher diamond to compare.

I can definitely see the double refraction on this macro photos and when looked at with bare eyes you can definitely tell there is some kind of blurriness, as in the facets do not light up solid and crisp as in asscher diamond videos I've watched. Still is a gorgeus stone.