Need help on wedding attire...opinions requested

I am renewing my vows in Vegas and I am trying to figure out what to wear. I dont want a traditional wedding dress. It is Vegas and I want to make it fun.

I am deciding between the black tux dress or pantsuit on the left.

I would wear a top hat fasinator of some sort.


You can wear either, if you have the body for them. IMHO, the black dress is a bit goth looking for a wedding, maybe it would be better for new Years Eve in Vegas. The pants suit is fabulous, and the color gives a nod to wedding attire, maybe with a simple birdcage headpiece.
I'd say pantsuit, but that is just my opinion.
I'd LOVE to see a bigger pic of the pantsuit, maybe a link?
Oh I love the tux idea, Le Smoking is so YSL/Helmut Hewton and so very sexy.
We renewed ours is Vegas, such fun, ( Paris first time round) took the limo to IN Out Burger afterwards.
I actually decided to go with the black dress because I dont want it to be a wedding in Vegas more of a fun silly time in Vegas. I love the pantsuit and I would like to save for when we renew our vows with family on a beach in a couple of years.

I want to celebrate in Vegas, V-day is our wedding plus my husband 20th year with the police department. I just thought of renewing the vows because we are getting new rings and it is the thing to do in Vegas.
I gotta say I love the black dress lol and I am glad that is what you went with! Vegas is all about glitz and glamor and being a little unorthodox so rock it girl!!