Need advice on emerald cut

I'm working on deciding the details for my ring and wanted some advice.
I'm looking to get a 9x7 emerald moissanite and feel overwhelmed.
1. What stone would look best? Forever 1 colorless is my first inclination.
2. I hear talk about windmills but I'm not sure what that means and which stones typically have them.
3. How best to determine which site to order from? The prices at c&c are much higher than other sites that sell their stones and I'm confused.
This is new to me and I would appreciate any guidance this forum can offer!!!


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Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what the krupps is. Any links or info? We are in the 3-6mo time frame.
Hi Mamadingdong,
The Krupps cut is the Emerald cut we will be doing for the Amora Gem. It's a more sparkly emerald b/c it's really an elongated Asscher cut, and has accentuated windmills.

Let me start with a link so you can get an initial idea:
Amora Gem: Krupps (Emerald) Cut

We are currently refining an improved design right now for the Krupps. We have two Amora Gem's at GIA literally right now and are waiting for feedback from them on the optical data for Amora to help us perfect the new Krupps cut.

Thus, our timeframe for release is this Fall (roughly October).

Re: What are windmill facets - The 'windmill' facets are the corner facets basically and they form a triangular outline starting from each corner going to the center. I believe they are called Windmills b/c if you isolated all four and put them together, you would get an outline of the old Dutch style windmill.

Here's an image of one of our test Krupps designs with arrows pointing to the Windmill facets:

We can also get an F1 Emerald if you want to compare them directly once we have the Krupps in stock. For immediate comparison, here's the CTHR official Emerald photo from their site
(credit to Forever One Emerald Moissanite Gemstone)
and I've highlighted their windmills. They are much smaller vs the Amora Krupps cut.
The Windmills are one of the more 'active' sites for sparkles so larger windmills produces a more sparkly cut.

We'll have some initial design images for the Krupps available in the Amora forums if you want to check back and review how it's looking! (We have to finalize L:W optimal ratio and a few other things).

Hope this helps,