Need advice and opinions

hi everyone,
My girlfriend and I have been together for close to 15 years and we have no plans to get married. We aren't against marriage, we have just both decided that it's not for us. We aren't religious and we don't have or want kids. But I do want to buy her a ring to symbolize how much I love her.

I'm just wondering if it is inappropriate to buy her a ring that would otherwise be considered an engagement ring. I found a pre owned 1/2 carat solitaire in a 14k white gold setting with a 1/4 ctw enhancer. The guys is asking $800 for both. I haven't seen it in person yet but he says the stones are flawless. I'm also wondering if that is a good deal. He says he paid $4000 but I think he may be exaggerating. My other idea was a pearl and diamond ring in and 18k setting. Her birth stone is pearl and mine is a diamond.

I would really appreciate opinions but I don't need a lecture on marriage or religion.



I would be hesitant to buy a pearl ring if it's a piece she will wear everyday. Pearls require care and are not the best choice for rings that are worn daily.
As to whether it's inappropriate to buy a ring that is considered an engagement ring - only the two of you can decide if it's something you are comfortable with. I think it's a nice symbol of your commitment to each other so why not?

As for the ring you found - the most important C for a diamond is cut. You can eye clean SI1's so the stones don't need to be flawless. Right now on Pricescope you can get a 0.6 ct eye clean SI1 GIA XXX diamond for about $1200. I really encourage you to shop around and also check out pawn shops in your area. Here, in Toronto, you can find name brand sets (Tiffany, Cartier, etc.) for half or less than half off retail.
Thank you for your response. I thought the same thing about Kay but I figured a flawless diamond is a flawless diamond regardless of where it comes from originally. I think I'm going to look at some pawn shops this evening. I'll post what I find. Thanks again for your help.