Need a post dedicated to pics of Winfield creations!


BTD Crown Jewel
Yes, what colour pink is that DA?

You guys do need your own gallery.
I love looking at all the pics!
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BTD Crown Jewel
Hoyden said:
diamondangel said:
Could you pretty please post a side profile of this ring?
Unfortunately I don't have it anymore. It's a Chinese White Jubilee cut, 10mm, and the shank is WST12597. The pink look is just a reflection of the shirt I was wearing. It comes in all metal choices, including rose gold and platinum. The shank is only 2mm, and it's a cathedral setting.
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The Millenium Star
This one was made for me many, many years back by Winfields. I believe it is a Stuller mount. It used to hold my EC diamond, but now it holds a BTD Alexandrite. The side trillions are WinkCZ's.

Bethany said:
diamondangel said:
OH GOODNESS. This is EXACTLY a style I have been thinking about getting custom made!!! Do you happen to know the specs of the stones?
I think I have a tear in my eye....that ring is TDF!!!!
This whole thread is gorgeous.
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