My UK sparklie friends.....


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I've discovered a new obsession, clotted cream!!

Is it "fresh" in the UK or in jars there too?

I went to a tea house and had some for the first time and fell in love. The only way I could find it here was in a jar on a shelf, not refrigerated. It paled in comparison to the one at the tea house. They said they made their own and were kind enough to share the recipe!

I was just curious how it is most commonly sold/ consumed in the UK- fresh or jarred?
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Dana ♥

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not from the UK, but i also love clotted cream. and yes, the jarred kind is not the same as fresh.

i'll tell you a secret, though...

you can make your own. and it is easy. promise.

i could tell you, but let me just point you towards someone who illustrated it, with pictures:

although her recipe has an end goal of butter, there's a middle stage that's the closest thing i've been able to recreate to real clotted / Devonshire cream.


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Interesting!! I actually made butter by accident before when I was young. My mother was unimpressed, as I think we really needed the whipped cream. But I didn't know there was a middle phase.
I think I can qualify as a UK sparkly friend as I am English and lived there for many years before moving to Australia.

You do get clotted cream fresh from the refrigerator in the UK and it is so yummy! We can also get it over here as well and I think that's probably to do with the amount of English migrants that settled here after being sent over on the convict ships!