My rose cut ring is finished!

What a grueling 5 weeks it was waiting on my ring! I had it set in 14k yellow gold, which I think compliments it nicely. It reminds me of a more refined version of a Cathy Waterman design, without the textured band. I just love the chubby pear shape :)

ETA: I took a video of it, just if anyone is interested :)

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Had to come back here and stare at your ring again! I am being haunted by that stone. Where ever did you find it??
I stumbled upon it through eBay, actually. I haven't been able to find another rose cut like it, so I am so thrilled that I snatched it up when I did. The symmetry of the facets are really well done and I cannot get over the shape. Because of where the prongs were placed, it gives it such a sweet antique heart shape :)