My Purple Raven

Thought I'd share my wedding ring made by my friend/goldsmith Beth Lee Stern.

12x8 checkerboard pear-cut amethyst set in 14k-X1 white gold with 5 channel/bezel set diamonds.
Thanks! After secretly searching the endless sea of solitaires, three stones, and halos in the stores before my hubby proposed, I knew 'unique' was exactly what I wanted.
When we went to Beth, she was the only one who even asked if we were set on a diamond for my ring. When I told her I actually preferred colored stones she whipped this amethyst out and I was in love. Purple is my favorite color and also stone for the month of February (the month we were getting married).

What the photos don't show well is how she carved this ring to sit on my finger. For most people, the webbing of skin on the ring finger is higher next to the middle finger than it is next to the pinky. I wanted my pear to sit at an angle so she carved the band so that the ring never slides around or turns due to the angle of the finger. It is the most comfortable ring I have ever worn. Amethyst is not the most durable stone at a Mohs 7, but she made the lip of the bezel slightly raised to the front to help protect it. When we came to pick it up, she had added a surprise stone (rhodolite garnet which is my hubby's birthstone). She also made sure my channel of diamonds totaled 4- one for each of my kids, and bezel set one for the baby we were pregnant with at the time.
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The Imperial Diamond
Very late to this thread, but wow, that's a gorgeous ring and stone! I will have to see if your friend has a website, I really like her work!