My new pretty!

So I thought I would share the CAD for what setting I actually ended up designing with Erica at Love Affair Diamonds who I purchased the diamond from. She is so awesome to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough. This is her new "Stephanie" bezel halo designed for my stone but will work with rounds or cushions. It is similar to her Bella design.
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idaho! That's a knockout! It seems very "girly" for your taste. Look at you, growing into new places. You're gonna be the fanciest lady in town. I'm happy for you.
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poppyseed said:
Stunning!! Now you have two rings named after you. That makes you famous

HA! I think it only means I have good taste!

Thank you everyone!!!!! I am so excited to get this beauty on my hand. The wait is killing me.
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