My New Diamonna

Well here she is, my new Diamonna! I am extremely pleased with both the glittering beauty of this stone and the customer service we received from Ron Hansen and his father Richard at Gold and Gems in Oregon. It's just so beautiful! I love the way it sparkles in a variety of different light conditions.

The specs are as follows:
Equivalent carat weight: 1.28
Color: F
Clarity: VVS1
Cut: hearts and arrows

This stone was set into my existing engagement ring. The channel-set half-eternity wedding band behind it is a cheapie CZ, but I like the two rings together.

Let's see if I can succeed in posting photos for the first time. The caveats: I'm not a photographer, I'm working with a cell phone camera, and my hands are old, wrinkled, scarred, dry, pudgy, stubby, and unmanicured. Stop looking at that, look at the Diamonna! These first two photos are outdoors, one in bright sunlight and one in overcast sunlight.

Thank you for your kind words, all!

Kashmira, I do not find the F color too white, but then again my personal preference does not favor "warm" stones, and I am not invested in making anyone mistake my ring for a diamond. So the F color doesn't bother me, it just adds to the gorgy sparkle.