My Liz Rings - The Full Story

Hi everyone,

As you may know, I recently commissioned a custom project from Liz, for which I sang very high praises. I have also alluded to some issues I had as well as resolution between Liz and I.

Well, I never intended to go any further until I started to learn of so many others with similar, and sometimes far worse experiences via PM. I'm going to bite the bullet and tell the truth, from start to finish, whatever the consequences may be. I only hope that others will post the plain truth too.

First and foremost I LOVED the way the design turned out and told Liz (and all of you) so on many occasions.

Upon receipt of my rings, I immediately noticed that one of the prong tips was shorter than the others. Several of the prongs were very sharp as well. I also noticed that 2 of the prongs were not touching the stone.

I sent pics of this to Liz and she said that the magnification of the zoom on my camera was exaggerating the problem and that setting cz is hard to do and they can only try to get it as close as possible.

Since the stone seemed secure (and I was self conscious about being too picky) I left it at that.

I also immediately noticed that my stone was very very white. Far whiter than the faint yellow O/P color I had requested. This was a disappointment too, because it was very important that this pass for a lower colored antique diamond, which is what I had priced out when determining the size stone that would be believable for us. But again, I thought I was being too picky. To be sure, though, I ordered some stones from Liz and intended to have her swap it out for something warmer (at my expense).

While I was pondering the new stone, I started to look at my ring more carefully and noticed that the basket did not appear centered on one side. See pic:

This pic wasn't taken from a parallel angle (rather slightly tilted) so the problem appears subtle, but in person it was more obvious.

This problem, coupled with the sharp prongs on both rings (prongs on the floral band actually snagged into my skin when I ran my finger over it) and all of the other things I mentioned, just broke my heart. I spent over $2k (and 8 weeks waiting) on these 2 items and expected them to be free of defects.

I sent one final email to Liz giving her the opportunity to either replace the solitaire with one that was free of these defects, or refund my money. She agreed to the refund and I no longer have my rings, although I am out a total of $325 for shipping costs, customs duty, insurance and the 2 loose stones I had to purchase since my stone was the wrong color (which are for sale, forgive the plug!)

As I have mentioned in other threads, Liz did make things right for me but I happen to know that she has not done so for everyone who has had quality problems. I only know this through pm's and will, of course, leave it to the rest of you to decide whether or not to post your experiences.

I apologize to everyone who placed orders from Liz based on my rave reviews only to find that your pieces have problems too. I realize that there are many out there who have received perfect items from her, which I'm very happy about, but anyone contemplating ordering from Liz should insist upon a written guarantee of the work prior to paying a deposit.

Everything I've written above is the truth, so please do not pm me with negative comments - I'm not interested. I just felt it was my responsibility to post these details as I had initiated a very active thread that resulted in a lot of new business for Liz.

I hope others will come out too - I know you're out there.


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I want to thank you Erica for coming forward and for telling the absolute truth in a respectful manner. I only wish that this thread had come out in January when I placed my order.
I also placed my order with Liz based on all of the fabulous glowing reviews here on this board. I am like you Erica (and so many others) and am very picky and was made to feel like I was demanding too much when I first complained about my ring, which I spent $1k for and also waited 8 weeks.

When the ring arrived, the stone was lifeless, colorless, no facets at all in the stone, the stone was white, no fire or brilliance at all. Needless to say, I was devastated. I told Liz of my disappointment and that is when I was made to feel like I was being too picky.
Only when I told Liz that I would post pics of the Passion ring on the board for some feedback did she say she would switch out the stone for me. I had never seen the Passion stone, so I did take a chance on ordering it, that is my fault. BUT, her pics of the Passion stone that she had posted in the beginning of the year and of my finished ring looked nothing at all like the stone (ring) in person.
Below are pics of the Passion ring that I received.

So, Liz did switch the stone to the Krupp stone and sent the ring back to me. It was a very good improvement but at such a high cost, both financially and emotionally. Luckily for me the stone swap was enough and the prongs are not perfect, but they are good enough, passable enough without having had to send it back. When I asked to return the Passion ring, I was quoted a 30% restocking fee. I should have just paid it and for the shipping for the ring back to recoup my money spent. But, at that rate it would have cost the same as the ring itself, I was torn. Also, I really wanted this ring for it was to be a replacement of my original e-ring that I no longer have, so I sent it back.

With all of the time waiting, original costs of the ring and the shipping, insurance, customs, etc, it truly is draining and so stressful. I would not want anyone else to go through what Erica, myself and the countless others out there went through.

The reason why I didn't originally post about this was I thought I was the only one out there who had a difficult experience. I posted nice reviews about my ring as a way to thank Liz for her improving my ring and for making it right.


"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?" [color:"blue"]Lois McMaster Bujold [/color]
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I am sorry you all are unhappy. I personally think that it is strange that someone who has made hundreds of rings for satisfied customers is not on the avoid list. I agree that some of these issues needed repair such as the sharp prongs. The other just seems to me to be part of custom work. I do not mean to attack anyone. I personally love my ring from liz and I have inspected every aspect of it for defects/abnormalities and found none. I will continue to do work with liz.


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I think you are missing the point here 3011sarah. There seems to be a lot of pleased customers but that was just because no one felt safe enough to come out and tell the truth. Erica had the guts to start this thread, I chose to follow in her footsteps.
Also for you to say, it was just custom work, I beg to differ. I have had quite a few rings custom made and yes, while custom work is not perfect right off, I know this, it should be handled in a way where as the customer should not have to be made to feel badly about making things right for them, get my drift? I have had issues in the past with a vendor and was able to settle things on a wonderful note with that vendor privately, because that vendor made sure that I was 110% taken care of and happy, did not try to gauge me with a ridiculou 30% restocking fee, did not make me feel guilty for being a perfectionist. So, please look at the big picture before you jump to conclusions.
I also feel horrible for I did recommend a friend to Liz for a custom ring, the ring was not made well and my friend had to send it back, another custom work issue? Maybe yes, maybe no.
Also, for a vendor to talk poorly about clients to other members is a huge no-no, HUGE!

Congrats on your ring, I truly am happy for you, so glad to hear your ring is perfect. So, enjoy it and be grateful that you did not have to endure the stress or heartache of disappointment and wasted time and energy.


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Members have a right to their opinions, sarah. I'm glad that your opinion of your recent ring purchase is very positive. <img src="" alt="" /> Unfortunately, it appears that there are others whose experience was not as positive <img src="" alt="" />...I for one want to hear both the good and the BAD. The truth should not be squashed, just because we don't agree with it. <img src="" alt="" />
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My ring's basket had 12 equal sized bezels in the basket. I think it's reasonable that they be spaced evenly and at the same height. Mind you, I wasn't examining it with a magnifying glass - one side of the basket was completely off center. It was so obvious that I always wore the ring with that side facing me so that no one else would see it. no one should spend this much money on a ring and have to go to these lengths to cover defects.

Sarah, I understand your comment to mean that handmade work will have a few tiny imperfections - and I agree. It's what makes each piece unique. But you will just have to take my word for it when I tell you that my ring's issues were far more serious than that. The pic I posted doesn't do the defect justice, if that makes any sense.

You should also know that I have personal knowledge of several others who have had problems with their Liz rings, even if they choose not to post, they are out there.


Thank you ladies for telling your story,now I feel it is time to tell mine.As you all know I too ordered rings from Liz.The Queen of Hearts with my 10mm moissanite as the center and must have band. First - I have to say the quality of diamonds and craftsmanship on both rings is beautiful but that is not the end of the story.I noticed on the third or fourth day of having the rings 2 things a green/grey tint to the center stone and 3 "salt" like chunks by 1 prong and a "needle" like tube by another.I proceded to give the ring a good cleaning to get the stuff out from under the center stone,after cleaning I soon realized they were "inside" the stone.To my horror I realized this was not the moissanite I sent Liz,I can tell you this because I picked this stone myself almost 5yrs ago & have looked at it every day since as my e~ring.I e~mailed Liz asking if it was posible that "this" stone was accidentally put into my ring because mixups do happen. I was treated like I was not being truthful, a how dare I imply my stone was swithced out response and being told she is not responsible for my stone. The only action taken was to ask the bench, who said that is was the stone I sent. I was not offered any resolution - just to feel I was "wrong" to say anything to Liz. I paid promptly and I I felt that somthing should have been done or offered. I felt bad for Liz that this happened I assumed by accident so I left it at that until now,now I realize that there may be a problem with this vendor so I am giving my feedback to possible future consumers.
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I haven't purchased a ring from Liz. I feel more comfortable dealing with a jeweler in person. I live in Sacramento and am lucky to have several from which to choose. You are always taking a risk by doing business not only via the internet- but overseas!!
That said- I have had several exchanges with her and she has always been pleasant.
I commend you for having the courage to speak out.
Mimi, I am sickened by your story. All I can say is that I hope the problem was due to a mistake and that if there was any dishonesty involved (not your words, I know), it was on the part of the bench and not Liz because that would be a heinous violation of trust.

Makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.


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Sarah, we all appreciate your feelings towards Liz. Liz can be very nice....but when you have had numerous jewelers give you a sick look, say you have a serious issue, you cannot deny, no matter how much you WANT to believe and like a person, that you have been HAD. Listen, we are all friends here. We do not want others to go through as much pain as some of us have endured. When we give a rave review about a piece of jewelry that has been created by a jeweler, we OWE it to our friends on the boards to reveal if there are issues. Regarding Ericader, myself, Maliasmom, Mimiyam, and others who have posted, we are not doing this to be mean or to carelessly speak about someone. But when we have paid for a piece of jewelry and there are DEFECTS...serious ones that would cost money, stones that WE DID NOT AGREE TO ORDER, or replaced stones without PRIOR CONSENT, then we have EVERY RIGHT to post to warn our friends.

I might also add that I am a designer, and so symetry MUST MATCH>.......I have noticed many rings recently where there are issues and have said nothing.


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But when we have paid for a piece of jewelry and there are DEFECTS...serious ones that would cost money, stones that WE DID NOT AGREE TO ORDER, or replaced stones without PRIOR CONSENT, then we have EVERY RIGHT to post to warn our friends.

Agree with you wholeheartedly, wench <img src="" alt="" />....but most importantly, when you post the truth about problems with a ring purchase, you're not just warning your friends, you're warning other individuals out there who come to this board and who make decisions to use a vendor based on all the positive reviews he/she reads about a vendor's work, unaware of the negative reviews (because there haven't been any! <img src="" alt="" />) posting your problems with a ring purchase/vendor is doing EVERYONE a service. <img src="" alt="" />
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thanks Moissfan...this is not about a popularity contest and thinking that we are out to ruin a person...just is not there. All of us have given this vendor opportunity to make a a good way.....killer jewelry. When you are talking about diamonds, moissy, and sims combined in any metal, you are giving that jeweler/bench to create something out of this world. Yes, there can be little things off...but custom generally is not pitted with a long punchlist of things that are wrong, or carte blanche assumed is okay. I really do not like the feeling that there are those out there thinking we have nothing else better to do today than to talk about someone. These were all 'dream sets' and plenty of opportunity was given. What resulted was anything but satisfactory. My reputation is on the line if I have led anyone to purchase from a vendor that fails to live up to their promise to me.
Wow ladies. I am so sorry for your experiences, and applaud your bravery and your honesty. No one should be made to feel bad for saying what is true. I, for one, am grateful to all of you for stepping up and doing what is undoubtedly a painful thing as many of you regard Liz as a friend as well.
So true Secret, the watch I purchased from overseas went to the trash within a week of purchase <img src="" alt="" /> lesson learned <img src="" alt="" />

As for Liz I'm so sorry to hear all of this, perhaps it's time to come out ladies, I don't own any of her pieces (my dear friend does) but DO appreciate your honesty and bravery.
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I appreciate all the honest stories here. I have considered purchasing a piece from Liz, but there is simply too much cost and RISK associated with dealing with someone overseas. There is a lot of other choices out there. I am the type of person that will never tolerate being made to feel like I am wrong to feel the way I do. If someone says to me "Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way...", I want to scream! "No, I'm sorry that YOU made me feel that way" is what I want to say.

How awful to know your stone has been switched.... "The lady dost protest too much, methinks."
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It is especially disheartening when the vendor goes on the attack and accuses YOU of lying, or changing your mind....all the while denying the error or fixing it...


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I also am sorry for these ladies to have been put through what they have been. I have never had anything done with Liz,,, because the only time I had asked her about a ring she keep wanting to add to it and didn't want to give me what I wanted,,, I thought thats what a jeweler does,,, gives you what you want,,,, but anyway,,,I hope this way this will keep others from getting their dreams crushed.
I am really sorry about what you guys have gone through. It took guts for ericader to start this post and I too have personal knowledge of others who have had issues with the workmanship on some of Liz's rings and were too afraid to post for fear of backlash.

I don't think anyone's intention is to bash or cause any harm at all. This is a board where information is shared freely among folks that trust/like one another and there's no way you'd let a friend be vulnerable in any other circumstance, so why should it be different here.

Also, by way of honesty, I have never ordered a Liz piece and never had any intention of doing so. Not intending to order from Liz started out mainly because we all know that "lizzies" are interlaps, and interlaps are "winfield's brand." It just didn't make logistical or fiscal sense (for me) to order from Liz when Wink is right here. But, logistics aside, when I knew of folks dealing with workmanship issues-that sealed it.

I hope that Liz can read this thread and take positive action for her clients. I know Less, Wink and Steve do this as a matter of practice. The fact that it has taken this long for these issues to come to the surface is very telling and demonstrates a willingness on the part of these clients to try and work with Liz before finally coming to this last resort.

I wish you all the very best with this.
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