My lil guy :)


The Black Orlov
8 months old.

Wanted to share...I know every om thinks it, but isn't he adorable???

His hair is hilarious...won't go down lol

And Now, PG 13, hahaha

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kangaroocrazy said:
Hes so cute!!
and what is so funny is on the 3rd picture,..
look who is trying to be part of the photo!!
LOL!!! I didn't notice that until you mentioned it! I thought they were Christmas lights, hahahahah
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Hehe, he is SO cute! And you are GORGEOUS, BG! We need to see a pic of his room too, because I'm sure he has a super cute mobile and other homeade decor.
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You are both soooo cute! Love the cat too in the photo
. Lots of adorable and cute going on in your house
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