My friend's pink diamond and Sunset wedding rings!

I borrowed my firend's 2 wedding sets for the weekend, and took some pictures for everyone.

She is a second hand BTD junkie (I email her pretty pictures and she buys them). She got married 2 years ago for the second time, and didn't want to spend a fortune on a ring, so she picked up a QVC diamondique set off ebay. The center was 8mm, and looked fake, so I bought her a Sunset interlap to replace the white CZ, and it looks amazing!

Even though her husband liked the CZ set, he still had a little ego problem with not buying her a diamond. A few months ago when Rubystarlight put her pink diamond ring on the bistro, I knew it would be perfect for my friend. She snapped it up, and even had a band that goes great. Now she has the diamond her husband wants her to have, and still has the Sunset one when she wants more bling.

Here's a hand shot that shows the color better. She wants to thank Rubystarlight for passing on such a great ring, they're both very happy with it.


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OMG, Michelle! Those are GORGEOUS!
Of course I love the pink princess diamond BUT if you hadn't said the first set was an Interlap I would have thought it was real!

Actually, I did think they were real until you said otherwise LOL. I hadn't even thought they were QVC.
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Oh PRETTY! I love that flower mounting - what a beautiful set!
I love both her sets, how nice!
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so that's where that pink princess went!! that's one of my biggest regrets! congrats to your friend, though, michelle. shotgun if she ever upgrades and sells
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Thanks everyone!

After I got them cleaned up I noticed the Sunset stone is starting to show a little facet wear on the edges of the table. I don't think she's very hard on them, I was a little suprised. She had that switched out last October I think, so it hasn't been very long. I don't think she's noticed though, so not a problem yet!