" http://instagr.am/p/BG4Bz_eD0no/ "

Here is the video from my jeweler once it was completed. Let me tell you what extensive research we both had to do when comparing different side stones, size carats, and prong style. We compared many rings, to the way it is set to the style of the shank. Finally, it was all placed on the CAD from the 3D renderings!

Ring gets delivered today, I won't open it until he asks. The good thing about the video is that my jewler has the same ring size as I do so I can envision on myself.

It is a GIA E color VVS1 clarity.
So... I thought I would update. Justin and I in the past 3 months, have been to Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Boise/Meridian/Emmett, Hot air balloon ride, Isla Mujeres (Island off of Cancun), and many bus wine tours from northern CA to southern CA. However I still have yet to be proposed or even seen the ring in person!! LOL. I everyday look at the video and photos, ha ha. I am patient and I trust whatever he feels is the right time will be. Here are some still shots from my jeweler in NYC. The band is a EURO SHANK so it does not move from underneath my knuckles. I will post a newer photos once I am proposed, however at this rate who knows... lol. I don't have the exact specs on hand but the center stone is aduquate in depth and it is not shallow (that is where you loose fire for a larger stone). It is GIA over 2CT E VVS1. The side stones add up over 1ct and is also colorless. I've only glanced at the appraisal and that is the information from what I remember.
http://instagr.am/p/BG2-VFKD0md/ http://instagr.am/p/BG5U5dMj0ib/ http://instagr.am/p/BIAs9J5BroC/
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