My Dental Nightmare- Light at the End of the Tunnel

As you guys know from my other thread I had a tumor removed from my upper jaw and lost three teeth. Dentist did a deep cleaning of my gums because he said I had gum disease.This was a surprise to me as I brush and floss often and my gums were pink and never swollen. Then came the endless problems with my flipper due to my overbite and delayed healing when he could not get it fit right.

He shaved my lower teeth, and told me I would need to have them shortened and crowned for my upper implants. My oral surgeon seemed sceptical and referred me to another dentist but she is too far away.

So the last flipper fitting (nightmare) they kept telling me how bad my bite was and how the implants were not going to work because of my lower teeth. "No room" they said. So I suggested I see an orthodontist to fix my bite and they said "Very expensive". expensive as crowns, decay because of the crowns, root canals, etc.....I thought. Also my one surface cavity keeps changing places. First it was on a bottom tooth, then it was on an upper tooth. I started to think "Do I really even have a surface cavity?"

So went to the orthodontist today. "No you do not need braces to make room for implants. You have enough room. No you do not need to have your bottom teeth shortened and crowns". He meausured all my gum pockets and they are between 2 and 3. Healthy gums....... He is referring me to another dentist.

I decided to go with braces anyways because I just don't trust the competence level of those making or placeing my implant crowns. My implant surgeon I trust.

So I have healthy teeth and gums, no need to have my healthy teeth traumatized and I will be in braces for 18 months, then get my bone grafts and implants. What a relief. A light at the end of the tunnel.

I will be selling most of my jewelry in the near future to help pay for these expenses. I hope to keep about 5 rings.

Thanks for letting me vent!
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I'm SO happy for you that you can see an end in sight! I know all too well about dental issues. My enamel formed poorly and spotty and when I turned 18 they just started chipping away. Nearly 3/4 of my teeth are crowns, root canals, etc. Doc said she never saw such soft teeth before! It's been such a struggle for years and years.

So, I feel so good for you that you have answers and not an endless parade of work being done. I am sorry that you will have to part with some of your sparklies though!

I hope you feel better now that you have answers!!!
Wow that is crazy and I'm so sorry that happend to you! I used to be a dental assistiant and I can tell you what that dr did is assault and if you wanted to persue legal action, you could very well have a solid case especially if it is documented in the other drs notes. Wow. I can't believe they did that to you, I know all too well it is all very painful.
Bummer. I hope that you are on your way to having healthy beautiful teeth and a great smile.

Are you thinking about listing that amazing mahenge spinel ring you have???
OMG, I hope everything turns out okay! I agree with Bronwyn, I think you have a case here. Your dentist had NO right to do that to you.


Man, that sounds like a rough journey. At least things are looking like they'll be okay, though I'm sorry you have to sell some of your beauties. Dental work is soooo pricey.
Jayhawk said:
Bummer. I hope that you are on your way to having healthy beautiful teeth and a great smile.

Are you thinking about listing that amazing mahenge spinel ring you have???

Good news is -I am on the mend and hope to have things all sorted out in due time.

The most frustrating thing for me was to have (IMHO) such varying opinions of the work I need done. Seems that some dentists are not ethical, and will have you pay thousands of dollars for work on healthy teeth and gums. I have a new dentist in which I feel much more confident. I had a tumor and it was dealt with. No need for unecessary work on healthy teeth and gums to help pay for boats and vacation houses. I am kind of angry about it because although I am a potential paycheck for some people, I am still a person who deserves not be subjected to uncessary treatments for profit. Turns out I did not even have gum disease, but needed to have two second opinions to feel comfortable that my first dentist either lied, or was mistaken. Wish I could get my money back from him, but it is not even worth the effort.
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Thanks Browyn and others for your support. It has been a challenge.

Guess what? I now am wearing braces!!!! I wanted to spend the money to fix my bite instead of money spent to treat the cosmetic issues. In this short time that I have been wearing them I see so much improvement with my issues. Please wish me luck as it really has been a nightmare for me.

Here is what has been happening since I got braces. My teeth clenching has stopped. My gums at the extraction sites have finally healed, since my dental flipper is stable under the brace wire.

All in all my dentist and orthodontist promise me that my teeth will be beautiful after all the work is done. I like to think that will be true. But I am pragmatic, and if the worst case scenario is that my teeth are all in proper alignment, and I still need a prosthetic then I can live with that.

So far I have been able to pay for everything that I have needed so I have been able to hold on to my jewelry. As much as I love my jewelry (I know you all understand this) I will offer it up for sale if needed. I have just finished paying my DD's student loan so that money that I am used to spending is going to my dental

Sheesh!! I am so tired of teeth. lol