My Christmas Angel!! <3

So, I hope this is ok to post here. I am so elated, and I had to share this story, because it deserved to be shared, and who else would appreciate it as much as you all!?
Long ago my Grandmother passed away, I was only 12 and too young to really get any of her jewelry, but as we got older my mom started giving things to my sister and I. My grandma had an old broken ruby and diamond ring, it was very beaten up and very mangled, but the center diamond was in perfect shape, so my sister used it to make her wedding ring. Somehow I ended up with the mangled left overs, but being very sentimental, I held onto it for years - and years. Assuming it would only ever stay in the bottom of a box somewhere, as it seemed t0o damaged to repair, until I sent it to David Klass. I knew if someone could do anything with it, it was him.
I had a lovely OEC moissy ring that I was going to send him as well, to use as the center stone, since my sister had already harvested that part. :)
After sending David Grandma's ring, but prior to shipping him the moissanite ring, my husband and I received some bad news regarding our beloved Chihuahua. Cali (that's her name) had a rapid growth cancerous tumor in one of her breasts and cancer in her uterus, the uterus was filling with fluid and the vet worried it would explode, and the tumor got bigger by the day, so an emergency operation was her only chance of survival. To the tune of nearly $9,500. Sadly, we did not have the funds and the vet wouldn't take payments, and Care Credit only qualified us for a small portion. We started a Go Fund Me, but she needed the surgery ASAP, and we really didn't have the time to "campaign" ... My husband and I cleaned out everything we could think of. He sold his gun collection, coin collection, hunting gear... you name it! I sold every last piece of jewelry I had, including the mossy I planned on sending to David. .... the good news is, the surgery was a success, and my baby is doing great, totally worth it, we'd do it again in a heartbeat!
... Anyway. Regretfully I sent David a message telling him of our pet emergency and that I sold the ring, and didn't have the $ to go forward with fixing Grandma's ring, but I told him I didn't want him to send it back - why waste the shipping money - It would just sit, all broken and mangled anyway. I told him to use it as scrap, gift the diamonds in it to someone else... use it to remake something beautiful .... what ever he wanted to do with it, but not to worry about sending it back. .... So, that was back in August/September.
Today, the door bell rang and it was UPS, holding a box from David and Amy. Ironically, David is currently working on a ring for my mom, so at first I thought it was Mom's ring sent to my address (which is not at all uncommon, she always has stuff delivered here, except last I heard from Mom, her ring wasn't even done yet) .... As I opened the box up, I could not believe my eyes ... David had fixed Grandma's ring, replaced the missing diamonds, and even set a center stone in it for me... I was speechless!!!
So much kindness, it's indescribable!
How do you begin to thank someone for something like that!!!???

My baby girl is almost 18 years old, and now I'll have this heirloom to hand on to her, and the story to go with it!
Thank you David and Amy, from the bottom of my heart!
What a beautiful ending to such a heartrending experience for you! That is unbelievably kind of David to do this for you!
Please share pics of fur baby & ring :)


The Pink Orchid
My goodness, that is such an amazingly heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing! So happy to hear your baby is doing well, and that you now have an heirloom piece of jewelry worthy to hang on to and pass down. <3