My Baby <3


Congratulations BG ~ he is just amazing!!!
I have two boys, and I wouldn't trade them for the world ~ the most intense love I've ever experienced (for me anyway)! Pretty soon, you'll have a hard time remembering life before him

Fantastic photos ~ the photographer did a beautiful job!!
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The Millenium Star
What a precious little baby boy! You and your hubby must be so in-love with this little bundle of warmth and happiness.

I absolutely love this shot.....



The Pink Orchid
I know you'll hear this a million times, but your baby boy is absolutely PERFECT. And those are indeed the best newborn pictures I have yet to see (and my friends have popped out around 6 in the past 2 years). What an amazing photographer, you'll be so glad you did those, any ideas which one(s) you'll put up on your wall? They're just too adorable. Congratulations to you and your husband BG!


The Black Orlov
awwww, i know you're a proud mama! he's such a handsome baby boy *^_^*

i wish i had done this with my babies! i know you love these photos now - but you are going to treasure them more and more each passing year!


BTD Crown Jewel
What an adorable baby! The photography is amazing! Your baby is just precious! I can remember when mine where that age...and time passes so quickly! Congratulations, again, on your little sweetie!


The Black Orlov
Thanks everyone, really, you are all so sweet

I have loved this photographers work for a while since my friend did newborn, 3mo, 9mo and 1yr pics.
The CD with 50+ pics comes in the mail today, then I will be chosing what to print, etc...
I'm in love with him and everything about this baby...
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