My anniversary ring from Mels Antique Jewelry

My anniversary ring from Mels Antique Jewelry. Fist of all my Husband the love of my life is in the Military, stationed in Afghanistan on an Army base. We email each other back and forth as often as we can. For my anniversary present he said that he wanted to buy me something special and unique. When I went to the shopping mall where I live in Texas they mostly had modern production jewelry; and it was hard for him to see what I wanted and liked. Stores such as Zales Diamonds & De Beers in the Galleria. So I then started to look on the internet and found more of the same modern production style jewelry at most of the big chain mall stores. It was nice that my husband was able to see the diamond rings I was looking at, but none of them were unique and special. We then both found a ring that we thought was special and nice. The site we found it on was Fay Cullen. Me and my husband have never bought any jewelry on the internet before nor have ever spent over $6K on a single purchase. So we did our research and found lots of bad comments about this jewelry dealer that we were almost going to purchase from. I know that people are more likely to complain than they are to give praise. So we then went looking again on the internet and found some nice stuff on Ebay. When on Ebay we found Melony Pino. The anniversary ring of my dreams I found on her site. I did some research about her and did not find any complaints. I also looked at her Ebay feedback and it looked great. My husband is coming back from his tour of duty. And we are very happy with our purchase from her. Excellent Ring! Excellent Service! Fast and Professional! And now maybe for Christmas I can get my husband to buy me some of her diamond earrings from her site that would be awesome.
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BTD Crown Jewel
That's terrific that you two were able to work together over the internet and find your dream ring.... and it's wonderful that your Husband is getting to come home... Thank him for his wonderful services...

Plus I want to say Welcome to BTD!!!

Do you have any pictures of your dream ring that you wouldn't mind sharing with us????
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Beautiful ring! Can we see a hand shot? Pretty please?

Thanks for the link to the store - I've been drooling over a few of the pieces this morning.... there are some gorgeous ones!
Wow wow wow, she has some truly exquisite and unique pieces.
Great find! Congrats, your rings is so lovely!
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