Moissanite, same toughness/hardness different brands?

QHi, I’m new here so here it goes my first question....I’m about to buy my first moissanite and have been searching a lot. I’ve read about moissanite’s properties on hardness-toughness-clarity etc. There are well known brands such as c&c and others like timeless that you cant find a lot of info about (but are cheaper and seem notnto have colour hints) and the question is: whats the real difference between labs? Cut? Sparkle? Colour? I mean: does a brand produce moissies with less/no inclusions? Does a cheaper brand produce weaker moissies? Or all of them have the same phisical properties? Thanks!
Hey there! Not sure if you got answers to this question yet since you posted in September but here's my take on it!!! I did a lot of searching as well and there seems to be a few big stone brands for moissanites like C&C, Neo, etc. but I find that Neo shines more similarly to a diamond (probably cause of how it is cut!).

In terms of the color, usually you get to choose between colorless and near colorless :) I think that's usually the biggest difference along with how it's cut!
Hi @melwong2010 thanks a lot for you answer!!! I've read about Neo but I'll take a closer look to it...
I'm in fact looking for a round every day pendant... now trying to decide the perfect size. I've got a matching earrings and necklace but the pendant has a shape that its not suitable for everyday as the setting has drop shape which is beautiful but I'd prefer something simple to wear with any outfit. Im between four prongs or bezel....and the size 6.5mm (1carat) or maybe but not sure slightly bigger like 7.5mm....ive got a cz pendant 8mm and I almost havent wear it since I feel its a bit too noticeable.
About color I personally love yellow hints on moissanite, which may be weird but I feel that the light it reflects is warmer and so its rainbows....reminds me of golden sunrise light!!☀besides the colorless that also look good and clean but colder to me. My main goal is not to get the most similar thing to diamond..
So! Any advice on size and setting (silver color) is truly welcome!! Thank you!!
What about c&c's cut quality? Anyone can say something about the classic one? (JKLM grades of color? Are they always yellow looking? Because I heard sometimes it can also be greenish or grey...)