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Here's a quick overview for new members:

What is a moissanite?
Moissanite is a trade name for gem quality, Silicon Carbide (SiC). Moissanite was first discovered in a meteor in 1893, by Henry Moissan...hence why it is now called Moissanite.

There is no natural supply of moissanite. Some moissanite sellers will try to insist that it is mined from meteorites or even the which case you should run, and not walk, away from that seller. All moissanite is grown in a lab via CVD, and is marketed by Charles and Colvard.

Who sells Moissanite?
Charles and Colvard is the maker/distributor, but currently only sells to other jewelers. Dealers that frequent our forum are:

What is an enhanced Moissanite?
Many cuts of moissanite can display an unnatural (compared to diamond) greenish color, esp in sunlight. Thus, some moissanite are now treated with a proprietary coating to create a much whiter moissanite that is designed to better mimic a diamonds color. Here is one example of a plain Moissanite vs. Enhanced:

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Hi Mkr,
I'll have to defer to MoissaniteCo on this one - we don't carry the enhanced moissanite (or regular moissanite) so I can't say.

Hopefully they'll post the info for you shortly.

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While the enhanced stones are exceptionally white, I don't want to say you will never see any yellow and maybe possibly some green when it's overcast. It's a very nice improvement, but you might still see a very small amount of color if you have good eyes for it when it's overcast.
Hi Mike,

I asked on the live chat for a 1.8 and the link for 7.0 was emailed to me. But according to the size chart, 7.0 is a 1.7? Is that correct?