Moissanite 15% Off Coupon Shophq (shopnbc) good till 12/2

I'm so excited to have gotten a 7.5mm Forever Brilliant moissanite solitaire pendant set in 14K for around the $340 mark! They have it in 6.5, 7.5, 8 and 9.5mm for same price, but be sure to use the coupon code (GIFT15) and knock $60 off! I don't know how great the quality will be, but there is a return policy until 01/31. I'm sure the chain will be a "throw-away" chain, but I'm primarily after the pendant itself. 6 easy pay too!

P.S. Anyone can use the code - new customers or longstanding (one of the few times the longstanding customers don't get "penalized" for not being first-timers.
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