Mirror Image earrings?

Hi, I purchased a vintage (maybe 1980's) pair of Monet clip-on earrings. I should have realized they were not mirror images. I wonder if this is a mistake or intentional. Unfotunately, I cannot find another set like these. Most of the Monet earrings I see are mirror images, opposites, if they have a certain pattern, or a design that is not only a square shape or something.


Dana ♥

The Centenary Diamond
i only wear clip earrings, and while i have (and have had) lots of Monet earrings (especially back in the 90s), i never had any that looked like that.

it bugs me, too, when earrings that have a design or pattern don't have a mirror-image thing happening between the pairs! luckily, when worn, most folks don't notice. so if you like them, try just enjoying them as they are?