Mini Cakes!

Thehehe Leli, it's a pretty pan

Didn't say how many you are making, I bet is 6 at a time [cavity type] I'd def avoid trimming if I could [crumb+time+mess]
Perhaps baking/freezing a week ahead could be a good idea.
MM fondant is cheaper than buttercream, so I'd practice 1/2 batch at a time to get comfy, humidity is not a baker's friend so please don't blame yourself.
Shortcuts: Blend in color before you add sugar, [avoiding extra kneading] also, if you have a Kitchen Aid w/dough hook, it can be done there as long as you grease all parts, great results.
If you are looking for a velvety fondant, use butter vs crisco and surgical gloves to roll/lay. We aren't making fondant this week but we can def use some help! No one gets paid though LOL
Feel free to ask, Lily
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Oh, I wish I had a stand mixer. I see all the colors at Macy's and the sale tags, but I'm more focused on paying on my sparkly first

What a wealth of knowledge! I feel like this is such a privilege, haha.
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That cake is adorable Leli! I should try this easy pour fondant.

I too have been "testing" my baking skills. I just made a 4 tier birthday cake. It was my first time making/using fondant. I can't say that it's the most beautiful cake ever but it's cute. I wish I would have taken a picture before I brought it to my aunts for the party tomorrow. I used apricot preserves to put over the cakes but forgot to strain them before I topped the cake. It didn't make too much of a difference but I could definitely see little bumps under the fondant
I guess I can't complain too much since it was my first time. And I have to say the fondant I made was GROSS! I told my aunt to have people not eat the fondant tomorrow. Maybe it's an acquired taste but it wasn't pleasant. lol.

P.s. Great tips Lily
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Oh Leli, stop it
you're right, sparkly fix first!
I love the idea of pour fondant GIA, So MUCH easier, you two are so sweet.....sending some back:

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The Pink Orchid
I dont like traditional red velvet- not enough cocoa for me- I double the amout of cocoa in my mix- now thats a yummy cake!