maybe im being paranoid ...

i bought an item off the bistro and the seller hasn't sent me any tracking info, she told me her husband had shipped the item from his work.. this was on Monday.

i remember reading on the forum that someone had a similar experience and the seller never shipped the item and she had to start a claim on paypal.

im not sure how long i should wait to see if i do or not get it, i've emailed her twice asking for tracking and nothing.

any advice is appreciated thanks..
She may not have put confirmation on it....some don't realize that if you cannot prove delivery PayPal will refund buyer. If item is over 250.00 PayPal wants siggy too. I hope it works out. Any feedback here for the seller?
If it shipped Monday and went ground or first class, I have had packages take as much as a week or more. In fact a first class package that was supposed to be delivered to someone yesterday doesn't even track to their local post office yet and tracking has not updated for days. :-/
I messaged her and she said she only put insurance on it, no tracking or signature i imagine.

i checked for feedback but nothing, shes had her account since 2011 on DB.

i told her i would wait until friday and then ask for a refund through paypal.

shes relatively close Las vegas and im in Ca.
I'm sorry you're having this experience, have you received the ring yet? I am also disputing AshleyRenee44 for the same exact reason, who is your seller so that all who read this know - we need a better feedback forum to help each other out.

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I did speak to her and she said that she had insurance on it but no tracking, She was great to work with just that i didnt get the ring, she did refund my money when a week or more had passed.