Please don't laugh, but I have a mango and I don't know how to go about eating it! Do I peel it? Can I eat the peel? Will it come off the pit easily?
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I am laughing- but only because I love you!!! You must peel the skin off- its not edible. There is a large seed in the middle of the mango that you cant eat either. Slice the mango between 1/3 and 1/2 of the way in, lengthwise, and you should miss the seed in the middle. Then, you can either just bite, or cut pieces of the flesh to eat! Enjoy your yummy treat!


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You dont have to peel before you cut- you can cut then just bite the flsh off of the skin. Be careful though- some people have a reaction to the skin so they cant use this method!


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oh uppy!
yes, what elf said.

whenever i get mangos that are REALLY ripe (they feel kinda squishy and soft) i leave the skin on and just slice it. then i use the knife tip to slice a grid into the flesh. then i use a spoon to scoop out the squares of mango

i want some mango now!!!!
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Well, that was one of the messiest things I've done lately! You definitely would have been laughing!!

Hmmmm..... tastes like a cross between a pink grapefruit and a peach. Good!


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upgradable said:
Well, that was one of the messiest things I've done lately!
Yep- forgot to mention that! Even a Hawaii raised pro mango eater like myself makes a mess! LOL
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Oh dear, lots fruit waste there
I like to peel mine
slice a small X on the tip [ripe mango] pull down all skin and dig up, messy but very yummy!
<~~~~[size:8pt]still wild[/size]
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Huh! I slice mine lengthwise all around (the knife will touch the pit as you slice around the whole fruit) then I twist the 2 halves apart. The pit remains on one side which I remove, then I slice the rest lengthwise and peel by hand by separating the peel with my fingernail from the fruit kinda in a rocking motion - the peel should come off easily if mango is very ripe. This is still messy, but you get whole slices this way...!
Just like avocadoes, when you press with your thumb they should have a give. Many develop dark spots when ripe, but not the red blush [keitt] but they all develop sweet perfume when ripe
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So I give them the sniff test. Can do! I don't even want to know how much sugar are in these things. I'm sure I'm really messing with my low carb diet!
You bet, good carbs that is. I know they are 100 cal [ med size] very high in fiber+ A,C vitamins. Frozen squares are delish as night snacks
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OMG, my MIL makes THE most heavenly mango with sticky rice and coconut milk dessert
it is to DIE for and she won't share the recipe!
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I adore mango the riper the better!. I even love it dried. tasty!

I think it is Magnolia ice cream that has a heavenly mango flavor. I had it from some Filipino friends but I think you can also get it in the states, if not then online somewhere

****according to this blog blue bell ice cream also does mango...YUM

bonny blue bell mango ice cream