Lovely Diamonna moment

I had a lovely conversation with the nurse who took my vitals at my doctor's office this morning. When I raised my hand to slip my finger into the device that takes your temperature, she exclaimed at the beauty of my wedding set.

I explained that my Diamonna can shoot out much better light and color than what I could've afforded in a diamond. She told me she's getting engaged soon and they don't have much money yet. She said, "I told him I'd be fine with a Wal-Mart ring for the first year, but then he'd better save up over that year to get me something better." So then I revealed what I paid for the Diamonna, and she realized she and her fiance' could afford it after saving for a year. She asked me to write down what it was and where to get it.

At a selfish level, I've been waiting for someone without prompting to notice my sparkly new ring, and it felt so great when today was that day. At a nonselfish level, I'm just tickled this nurse discovered a diamond alternative that will make a gorgeous, affordable ring for her new marriage.

My doctor is a single woman, and after my appointment she said she made a photocopy of the Diamonna details I wrote down for the nurse because she'd consider it for her own engagement ring when the right guy comes along. How fun was my morning!