Lost 76 pounds, resizing rings


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Haha! I do remember your shoe-thang, and mostly 'cause I also love, love shoes!

That's so great that you're out on the pavement doing so much time in the saddle. I'm more mountain bike-ish, but nowhere near the time on the tires as you, currently. Too cold in the winter (snow) and I need to get my gears going again now that it's warm and non-snowy.
You're motivating me!
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My cycling was medically necessary (at first). I've had bilateral complete knee replacements due to genetic degenerative joint disease, with both hips being next.

The day after the knee replacement surgery, I was put on a stationary bike, while still in the hospital! During all of my physical therapy I was also placed on a stationary bike.

I even rented a stationary bike and rode it in my living room my entire 12 week recovery while watching TV. This was to keep my knees flexible, get my muscles strong, and prevent scar tissue build up.

By the time I returned to work I missed my daily bike rides, so went to a department store and purchased a $99 cruiser. I rode the cruiser for a year and literally wore it out (I put 6,000 miles on it in one year).

My birthday was coming up, and my husband surprised me with my official road bike. I got a computerized bike fitting and the rest was history. I became addicted to riding and now ride every day (sometimes twice a day). On the weekends I take all day rides (100 mile centuries).

If you look really close at the professional photo you can see my knee scar (on the right leg, both legs are done but the left is out of view).

I am not allowed to walk long distances, not allowed to run, jump or play contact sports (due to the possible injury to my knee prothesis). In fact, I have a permanent handicap placard on my car. My only activity choices are swimming and biking. It has saved my life!