lost 11lb in 3.5 weeks on Weight Watchers

My mum lost 2 stone in a few weeks, my dad 3 stone and now i have started Weight Watchers.

I am amazed at all the choices i have. I can have chocolate etc. In all honesty, i am eating more than i was before minus all the processed rubbish.

I tried low carb, etc, etc but never really had any structure or understanding of how it could work. I would advise anyine to give it a go for a couple of months, educate yourselves a bit.

Weight watchers has educated me. It's simple. It's just a lifestyle adjustment. Instead of vodka and redbull, i have vodka and water or soda.

I had a hen night to attend, with a meal, the wedding and a birthday dinner. I just ate tasty, healthy things etc. I lost 3lb that week!!!

People are starting to notice my weight loss now, it's a great feeling. i never go hungry and always have a bit of what i fancy. I feel i can manage my food situation now... I hate the word diet, i don't feel like i am on a diet, i eat well and am never hungry - YAY!! Fingers crossed....


Die hard Weight Watcher fan ~ love it!! I lost 60 lbs 8 years ago and kept it ALL off for 6 years. Gained 15 over the last 2 years due to a back injury. Just started the program back up, so hoping to take it all back off by February, I'm a slow loser
Congratulations! It is a life style change, and I think that's the big difference ~ you don't "diet" and then go back to eating the way you did before.

Keep us updated!
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Cool! I'm so glad you found an option that works for you and doesn't make you feel as though you are starving.

I've lost an aditional 5lbs (current weight 135lbs, starting weight as of July 150-155lbs) since classes have resumed. I think some of it has to do with just being active now, as I've certainly not been watching my calories. I'm also too busy to eat, which might play a role.

Good luck with your journey!
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