Looking for a 3.5 carat round Asha

Newbie here! I have been researching diamond alternatives for a bit now, trying to replace my lost engagement ring
I think I've decided on the Asha, but can't seem to find an Asha stone that's around 3.5 carats (hey, if I'm replacing, I may as well upgrade, right? ;)). I'm finding 3 carats and then 5 and up. Any tips? Or are there other stones I should be looking at? I would ideally like to stay under $1,000. Thank you all for your help. This site has been so informative!
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Sorry to hear that you have lost your engagement ring
But it is said that "Every cloud has a silver lining" or "diamond" lining, in your case!

I would be devastated if I lost mine,but it is the perfect opportunity to upgrade

I would strongly consider the Amora Gem as it is a forever stone,unlike the Asha which will have to be replaced down the line.
If you like the look of warm diamonds,I really love them,then Moissanite is another forever stone that has the look of warm diamonds.I have a 3ct unenhanced Moissy that I adore.When I bought my CZ's,I always baked them to try & warm them up as I felt it gave them a more realistic depth.
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Thank you so much for the advice! I will take a look at both more closely. The Amora Gem was what originally drew me here, but the price for a 3.5 carat scared me, but you are right - if it's forever, it's worth the investment. I keep hoping my ring will turn up, but it's been gone since February, so my husband and I decided it's probably time to replace.
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I am sorry you lost you e-ring. I too lost my e-ring a little over three years ago. My research brought me hear as well, and look, I am still here. HA! There are so many options and so much to learn. The board is WAY less active then it used to be but there is a wealth of knowledge (and great sparkles to look at) in the old posts. I will parrot QoS's suggestions of looking for forever stone. I ended up with an Amora Gem and could not be happier.

Enjoy the journey to finding a new ring!!
We used not to have all the options available to us in the simm world that we have nowadays
There was really only CZ's & paste which are very cheap & not as believable as we want them to be. Now we can enter the world of forever simms,stones that far surpass anything ever seen before,and,they last forever too!
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