Life In and Out of BTD


The Black Orlov
It has come to our attention that groups are being formed outside of the BTD boards. We have no right to stop anyone from doing so, nor do we have any intention of taking that right from anyone.

After being a member here for some time, it is inevitable that you will form friendships that go deeper then just sparklies. I believe that this one of the best benefits you can get from being a member of such a loving, caring and fun community such as BTD.

However, our job, as mods, is to moderate BTD to maintain the wonderful place this community has become. If we feel that posts, threads, or taglines create dissension, feelings of negativity, or discomfort among our members, we will take necessary action. Depending on exactly what is done and said, it may lead to a number of things from the modification of a thread to possibly a banning (hopefully as a last resort).

Please keep in mind that we are ALL human, we have personal opinions, we make mistakes, we have feelings and emotions, and we get hurt just like everyone else. We are here to keep the peace, but we can only do so with everyone's help.