LED lighted ring boxes

Grandma60 said:
I don't know what the wet spot in the upper left corner of the box is, unless it's drool!
Too funny and your signature line made me lol too.

David Klass uses these boxes. I have one or two of them. Super cute and your ring is like SHAZAM! when you open the box lol.
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I just jumped up and down when I saw these in a magazine. I just had to order one and it makes my CZ's look amazing. I just wish there were some way to suspend one of those lights over it as I wear it.
I first saw the lighted boxes in Macys @ 8 months ago being used for their premium diamond jewelry. Very novel at the time & effective-steve...
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Im a wrestling watcher, they are entertainers & very athletic, but it is a show, one of the fighters wears a jacket covered with flashing leds on the way to the ring. At one on many gem shows we go to, Im seeing more women wearing led necklesses or jewelry. pretty novel & getting cheaper-steve...
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