Lady from Kay said moissanite was worthless..?

We have been looking at engagement rings for a few weeks now and have looked into moissanite (i love the pink ones!)...As we were looking around at Kay Jewelers, I asked the salesperson about moissanite. She said to not go that route because moissanite held little value and there was no telling how the stone would hold up in ten to thirty years because moissanite has not been on the market for that long. She also said that if I were to try to replace a moissanite stone to a bigger diamond stone in a few years, that it would be impossible because settings for moissanite are not designed for diamond or for larger stones, and i would have to get a completely new ring. I have a $900 budget for my e-ring, and don't want to spend so much money on something that might not have any value. So, is this all true? What are some cons of moissanite besides color?


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#2 this is the rubbish that jewelry salespeople are telling customers now?

It's late but let me address at least one of the many false statements made.

"try to replace a moissanite with a diamond in a few years would be impossible b/c settings for moissanite are not designed for diamond.."

It is absolutely possible to replace a moissanite with a diamond if you want. Rings are not 'designed' exclusively for diamond centers - they are designed to hold gems in general. The only requirement is what cut (i.e. round) and mm size it is designed to hold.

Not all rings can hold a larger center, but generally if you get a solitaire ring for example with a peg head, you can have them pull the prong head off and replace it with a new one and set a larger center - of any material - into it.

When we design or cast rings, we do not say - make this one to hold diamond, that one to hold Amora Moissanite and this one to hold our sapphires.

We make a ring to hold a gem, of any and all gem material - there is no difference in design as to whether the purchaser will order it with a diamond center, a Moissanite center, a sapphire or even in the future an Amora gem.

Anyway, that is grossly false info being told to you, likely by someone who doesn't sell Moissanite and is eager to get you to buy now in hopes of a commission.

I'm sure others can address the additional points or I'll add to this later.

For now, I would recommend you read through the forums and continue to learn more about all your options, with facts and not false sales pitches.

Hope that helps,
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AND....if you read enough, you'll find a plethora of posts detailing how women have had their centres (sometimes diamond) removed from their settings to reset with another stone altogether. Happens ALL.the.time. Sorry you were so misled!!


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The Kay person just wanted to sell you a diamond. Kays won't even work on a ring that contains a simulant . . . so they shy away from any positive discussion about CZ's or moissanite.
I recently upgraded a center stone that was 7.5mm to 9mm. Right now, I am having an 8.5mm cushion put into a setting that held a 10mm round. Like Less said, sometimes the head can be replaced. In my situation, the existing head/prongs stayed and were modified. My stones were all moissanite, but they're different sizes and cuts, which proves the point that it is possible to put different stones into the same setting.

Sadly, I think it's fairly common to hear those types of comments from most mall jewelery stores. I do find it comical that she would say that moissanite doesn't hold it's value. I'm sure she was implying that diamonds do, and that is not true. Don't listen to what that sales person said. She just wanted to make a sale.

Moissanite is beautiful. Pink moissanite is a personal favorite. Keep looking around on the forums. You will find a lot of good information and photos here.
Moissy's been around since 1998, which is more than ten years. As far as holding its value, it's resale prices seem to be on the order of that of diamonds, i.e. 30-70% of retail. You can't sell it at your local CASH FOR GOLD store because there's no national exchange for moissanite, but if you sold your diamonds there you'd get about 10% of retail anyhow.

There's not much to tell you how much diamonds will be worth in 30 years. Some people have predicted that synthetic diamonds will kill the market, others, that synthetic diamonds will drive up the demand for mined diamonds. There's no doubt that the cost of diamonds is related to the controlled supply and the prevailing cultural belief that you need a nice one to get married. Tastes change, and for all we know our kids will be gifting their fiancees with rare dinosaur bones and sneering at the old folks who wear a common white shiny thing on their fingers. The diamond styles that were "hot" thirty years ago are now piling up in the back of the pawn shop cases, and the diamonds that were being dismissed as "old-fashioned" and "not sparkly" are being snatched up by specialty dealers and resold for mucho bucko.

So buy what makes sense for your budget and tastes. There's no reason to believe that in five years a diamond will be worth more than a moissy plus the cash you get to keep in the bank.
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Sorry to say this but that is not suprising coming from Mall Jewelry stores. They will tell you just about anything to sell you THEIR jewelry. After 23 years of buying jewelry I have learned hard lessons and never buy from mall jewelry stores.

Try to find a family owned jeweler...much more honest and accommodating.


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Yeah, wow, that is just a lot of lies. Ask anyone who has sold a diamond second hand how much value that retained.
From my experience, I would have to say that mall jewelers are just dishonest and complete sharks when they are trying to sell you something, especially diamonds. My husband and I have had a terrible time with mall jewelers and I've finally convinced him to take our money to make a custom moissy set. The way they mark up their terrible quality diamonds should be criminal, but that's just my opinion and we certainly don't need to get into all that and I apologize if I've offended anybody.

With that said, I've had diamond gold rings reset with moissanite and my jeweler has NEVER had a problem replacing diamonds with moissy and vice versa. I've had my moissy rings for years now with absolutely no problems! He can confirm that what the lady at Kays told you is absolutely untrue.
I'm sorry you had that kind of experience. I was at Helzberg once and they do carry Moissanites and they happened to have 2 rings with a moissanite and a set of earrings. I asked the saleslady if I could see them and she immediately turned her nose up and tried to push me into looking at these awful, overpriced, heavily included and milky looking diamonds that were also on sale. I specifically told her I wanted to look at the moissanites and she just went on about how ugly she thought they were and that they were a waste of money and she'd rather by a not-so-perfect diamond rather than spend her money on a fake stone. I was livid. I told her it was a good thing I didn't ask her to buy me anything and that if as a salesperson she didn't want to sell it to me, I could find another store that sold them. With a huff she took them out and showed them to me. (I didn't buy them anyway because the ones they had their were of poor quality and color) but her attitude was just ridiculous. I don't care what kind of jewelry I was buying, her opinion was not solicited in any way. That is where I turn my back and walk away.
Bleh. This is why the only reason I go into stores like this is to get sized or look at the different shapes on my hands before I make a purchase. Honestly, they usually don't have what I am looking for either, I have to substitute and still use my imagination. Like when I wanted to try a pear on, I had to settle for a marquis because that's all they had. There is a local jeweler that works with moissy but he has a tendency to be rude and his prices are astronomical. Twice what Moissco charges.

I would definitely say look around the boards more and use the google search bar on the left hand side to search specific things.
As a moissy owner myself, I love it and will honestly probably never own a real diamond.
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Welcome to the BTD forum, ForeverMrsB.

Here is an example of a peg head.

This is easily changed by a jeweler who sets stones. Say you have a 1 carat Diamond that measures 6.5mm and you wanted to change it to a 2 carat equivalent sized Moissanite that measures 8mm. A jeweler would simply cut off the existing head that holds the 1 carat stone, drill a new hole in the ring mount, where the old peg sat, to accept the new peg. After that, he would soldier the new peg head to the existing remount and set the new larger stone.

If you are looking into a halo setting, changing out stone sizes is a different beast. Halos typically are designed to hold a certain shape and size stone. So if you wanted to change a halo from a round setting to a square, you would have to find a jeweler that can remove the shank portion of the ring from the halo. Then find a new halo that fits the particular stone shape and size you desire and have that soldiered on to the shank.

As for value: Diamonds depreciate as soon as you walk out the door with them. Many people are fooled into believing diamonds are an investment. Diamonds are not rare, matter-of-fact they are found all over this planet. The only value they hold is to the wearer. Many inexperienced people buying jewelry believe that the appraisal of their diamond means that their diamond will sell for that value. If you did chose a diamond and wanted to change to Moissanite, you would find having the diamond rest into say a pendant, would be more valuable than trying to sell it for what your purchased the stone at a retail store.

Diamonds are purchased for wholesale pricing and then marked up for retail sales. If you think about the fundamentals of business it behooves retail stores to purchase products at a lower price, mark them up and make a profit. For something intrinsically valued, like a diamond, it also serves the retailer to tell you that the stone will appraise for double or triple what they sold it to you for; appraisals really hold value for fair market replacement and insurance purposes...not resale.

If you have looked at the value of Charles and Colvard, the company selling Moissanites, you will see an increase in their profits over the last ten years. The patent will be lifted in 2015 thus allowing other companies, like Better Than Diamond, to produce a line of superior gems in the silicon carbide family. The supply and demand will affect the bottom line pricing. So if Moissanites are controlled like diamonds, you will see a tremendous mark up. I highly doubt there will come a day when companies hold back millions of carats of Moissanites just to drive the price up.

Moissanites are durable, even more so than diamonds. They have twice the fire and are doubly refractive; this can play tricks on the mind, as more flashes of color can make the stone appear larger. Although there are color variations in Moissanite, ranging from green tinted to yellow with hues of gray, many stones being produced now are lending towards the whiter shades. I encourage you to read the Amora Blog to find out what is available.

As for finding the perfect engagement ring, there are several vendors who participate in this forum; they can be found in the Vendor Forum section. Feel free to ask question of those vendors, as they might be able to open up possibilities not discussed in this thread.

No matter what stone you chose, it is not a reflection on your relationship's value. It will hopefully make you proud to wear and show it off. In that case come back and post pictures in this forum, so we all can celebrate with you.

Best of luck and congratulations on your engagement!



To everything that woman at Kay's told you: PISHAW. Not just some of it, all of it.

I've worn Moissanite for more than a decade now. Members here can tell you that I basically beat the crap out of my rings -- I bought my Moissy to wear it to the fullest and enjoy every minute of its company, and I accept the risks that go with that. My original Moissanite is a dozen years old and still looks as perfect today as it did when I purchased it, even under a loupe.

I also have a few settings that have had stones swapped in them, mixing up gemstones for Asha or Asha for Moissanite. None of it is a problem. People often buy items off the Bistro here, eBay, etc. with the intention of switching out the center stone because they love the setting for the price but don't love the stone in it.

I say you print this thread and bring it to the salesperson at Kay's with a smile.


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MissJules92085 said:
I'm sorry you had that kind of experience. I was at Helzberg once and they do carry Moissanites and they happened to have 2 rings with a moissanite and a set of earrings. I asked the saleslady if I could see them and she immediately turned her nose up and tried to push me into looking at these awful, overpriced, heavily included and milky looking diamonds that were also on sale.
I first discovered moissanite when I was working at Helzberg Diamonds . . . I fell in love!
I became the #1 seller of moissanite in our store because I loved them so much and knew a lot about them.
When the new manager took over the store and I told her I was the #1 seller of moissanite, she said to me, "you should be the #1 seller of diamonds!!!" Everyone else in the store had the same attitude . . . I just wanted to make people happy with their purchase.
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o wow! that must have been frustrating to hear that from her! I actually went into our Zales here and was looking at rings and mentioned moissanite and the sales lady flipped out in excitment. She said they had one in their store a few years ago and said it was absolutely amazing to look at! She was 100% pro moissanite and lost a sale to us due to her enthusiasm. She sent me home to research moissanite and look more into it. Boy! am I so excited and lucky to have spoken to her because I am now waiting to receive my engagement ring with a 7.5mm RB!!! so excited and impatient!
What the lady in kay says is true, in time. While diamond is expensive reselling it after buying it from a jewelry store will likely incur a bigger. However, maybe 8 yrs from now esp money losing its value, you’re in a better position to make a orofit from the dismond than you are w the moussanite. However put there’s simply no replacing natural diamonds, excuses of it being co flict stones or not. But if you just intend to have a ring that may be mustaken for a duamond and do not intend to fool peoppe to buy it as diamond thendo what you can afford and be happy. After all engagement rings are just token of love. If your intention is heirloom good luck
Some great replies here, and that saleslady was very uniformed. It's easy to see the resale vale of moissanites is much higher than diamonds, because diamonds are a tightly controlled false market.

Buy what you love, don't listen to a mall-shark sales person. Here is Australia moissanites are not widely known about. I took my moissanites earrings to a highly regarded manufacturing jeweler for a quote to have the backs replaced after I lost one, and he looked under a loupe and told me they were "very nice diamonds".

I much prefer moissanites over diamonds, in fact I have sold my diamond rings and replaced with moissanites.