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The Centenary Diamond
Sir Ebesneezer Underfoots Purrs-A-Lot (still not his real name. poor nameless kitteh!) fell asleep while i was wrangling him (to keep him from going near the open front door) yesterday. he's gotten SO BIG since we brought them home - he's almost too big to lift one-handed.

and i snapped this one of Etta night before last. it doesn't really show how teeny she still is - although the comparison between her and the tv remote, and the votive candles helps a bit (you can also see the tip of the cardboard flame in the fireplace :p )
OOOH how cute! I have 3 kittens I am fostering: 2 black fluffballs (they look like tiny bears) and one sweet shy boy (white with black nose and big eyes). Anyone on the boards in PA or NJ have a really good home for a cat?