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our much-loved kitty lost his fight with CRF (kidney failure) earlier this month (not after sympathy! just sayin'.) and while i had no intention of getting another any time soon, i saw the link to Petfinder when looking up the hours of the local office of the Humane Society so we could donate all the bags of dry food, and the regular canned & prescription canned foods we had.

and i made the mistake of clicking on it. and i saw this little face, and just couldn't stand the thought of what might happen if he didn't find a home (it's not a no-kill). and when we went to go visit, i saw another little face that looked SO MUCH like our other kitty, i couldn't stand the thought of leaving it behind, either.

a long introduction, for two pairs of pictures! :

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Wow! Dana, they are adorable!! And getting two means they won't be lonely when the house is empty of people due to work. Of course, it means twice as much trouble they can get into together.
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Awww, they're so cute!! And awesome that you rescued them!
Can't wait to see pictures of the mischief they get themselves into, hehe.
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nikkikeith said:
so sweet! i want a house in the country with a million of them running around
all fixed of course

Aw, they're adorable Dana! Thanks for sharing pics!
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Dana ♥

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oh, the Caboodle Ranch! i've been sending him donations when i can afford it, ever since i first heard about him.

there are some adorable videos on youtube of him and some of his kitties:

and, CG: first i saw the mostly black guy and just fell in love with his grumpy little face. then i saw the other one - and she looks SO much like our last two cats (adopted years apart, from different states, one by me and one by someone i've never met. so in other words, completely accidental that they looked so alike!), that i couldn't bear to think about what would happen to her (tomorrow) if we didn't bring her home, too.
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