Kate Spade Sample Sale

Thank you for posting this! I just picked up a wallet I've been looking at for ages, and for more than half off. Yay!
Well Joolsie, I was very bad today and this is ALL your fault.

I ordered a wallet earlier, but kept thinking about a bag I saw, and what a great deal it was, and how I needed the bag so much...

And I just ordered it, along with another of the same wallet, which is for my mom's birthday in a few days. And that worked out well because I was completely stumped on a gift for her. Attaching pictures.
I think my moissy upgrade will be waiting a little longer now. Oops.


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Sorry lady! It's a hard life for me balance my love for sparklies, handbags, shoes and clothes!!! Love the bold colors that you went with. =)
It will be totally worth waiting on my sparkly. I have never had a designer handbag before. I've always struggled with the idea of paying as much as they normally cost, but I got both of these 60 percent off.

Both of my orders already shipped. So excited! And yes, I am all about bold colors. I had a much cheaper bag the same color and got so many compliments. But alas, it fell apart.
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