Just Checking In


BTD Crown Jewel
I am up late with a cairn terrier puppy not sleepy yet and thought I would check in and say hi. Been awhile since being on the forums. I still love my BTD Kashmir sapphire ring....it is wearing beautifully since receiving it in 2011 or 2010? Highly recommend them! My husband is still flying and I am very busy with redoing our home and enjoying our cairn terriers. Anyway, hi everyone!


Hey wench nice to see you!! Don't you just love Cairn Terriers I adopted my little fella last summer he's such a character and a ball of energy.


The Pink Orchid
*Waves* Glad to 'see' you again! I adore those little cairn terriers, they are so super cute, my aunt has one named Wicket.
And, I'm happy to hear that you still love your amazing ring.
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