Jordan Wilkins

I just wanted to let everyone know that the gem stone cutter by the name Jordan Wilkins that I had commissioned to cut a custom morganite stone months ago, took my money and never produced a stone for me. Every time I asked for my stone he said it was taking longer than he thought and then finally when I started asking for my money back he said he needed to wait a bit longer because he needed to make rent, etc etc. I took pity on him, which I now regret, because it was passed the time that paypal would refund me. I kept emailing asking for my refund and then would finally get no response. I still have not gotten a refund and gave him over $200 deposit for my stone. I wanted to warn you all to stay away from this gem stone cutter, as he is a liar, cheat and stole my money.
I just wanted to update and say he has now refunded my money. So I still wouldn't recommend him from my own experience, but I won't call him the worst person in the world because he at least gave me my money back.

Dana ♥

The Centenary Diamond
i'm glad you got your funds back!

but the fact that you had to post about him on a forum before he did so, and everything you had to go through first? speaks volumes.

i am SO HAPPY FOR YOU that you got your funds back, though, and thanks for letting us all know
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