Jaw Bone Graft- ICK!!!!!!

Due to a trauma to my face years ago I need surgery on my upper jaw. Where my two front teeth are I have experienced multiple root canals, and infections. This time there is no saving my front teeth. I will see the surgeon Tueday and my worst fear is that he will say I am not a candidate for the surgery. I would hate to see that happen. If all goes well and I am, then surgery will be Thursday. The goal is dental implants down the road if I can get the grafts and I heal.

Anybody ever have this done in recent years? If so can you tell me how bad your bone loss was.



Oh my god, that must be so incredibly stressful.
I will be crossing my fingers for you that you're a good candidate for the procedure. It is amazing what modern medicine and technology can accomplish now, I'll say that. And at least, if they can do the surgery for you, they will be doing it quickly.

*hugs if wanted*

Edited to add: I do have a dental implant and I like it better than my real teeth.
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I just had this done one week ago! They remove my stitches today...

There was a time where I was reluctant to go to the dentist and had panic attacks just thinking about it... I had a back lower tooth that got infected and the infection was draining through my gum... I experienced bone loss because of that, my "hole" was 12mm! Which the doctor who did the graft says it is borderline severe.

Anyway, surgery wasn't that bad, but it was uncomfortable... Took them about two hours because I had a lot of infected tissue that needed to be removed and there was a tunnel in my bone... Left side lower jaw. She had a surgical field, which means that my head was covered with a cloth with a hole for my mouth... The bad part was the scraping, and when it hurt, she would inject more anesthesia, think she used 5 cartridges on me.

I was sent home with a rubbery pink cement on the affected part that covers my stitches, and was doped on pain killers the first night, it wasn't that bad after that...

I have been eating soft foods all week long, only icecream the first day, moving on to warm soups and mashed potatoes the next, and now I'm chewing with the good side, but still, only soft foods.

I was given prescription pain killers, an anti inflamatory, antibiotics and a medicated rinse for after brushing my teeth, you cannot brush the affected area though.
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that is one of the few mouth-type procedures i *haven't* had... so i have no first-hand experience to offer.

i wish you courage!
Almost 2 years ago I had to replace 2 of my fist molars with implants (all 4 of my first molars were baby teeth and no sign of development of permanent ones and I am 32.5 btw). My sinus came down very low and bone height was only 3.18 mm so I had sinus lifting and bone grafting procedure done before implant placement. Everything went well, only pain that I felt was from injections prior operation. Afterwards I was prescribed with pain killers, antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs. Nurse gave me ice pack to place on my cheek to prevent swelling, also was told not to bend, not to drink with straws, not to sneeze (hardest part), not to fly for 2 months (but ban was lifted in 1 month). I think as long as you are in good and experienced hands there is nothing to worry about!

Forgot to mention, I was told to eat soft and high in protein foods but I didn't follow that advice strictly. I ate what I would normally eat but was super conscious to chew on good side.
I'm probably going to be facing this in the next year. Like Munster Cat, I still have baby teeth and despite 40+ years of caring for them, they just aren't going to last much longer. I think I've done pretty well keeping them in this long. Because they are baby teeth the sinus comes in low and not enough bone for implants.

I'm a big sissy with my teeth...I'm certainly not looking forward to this.

I can't complain too much, bad teeth run in my genes and I don't have the worst of it. My mom got dentures in her 20's! DD has almost no enamel on her teeth. She has had cavities on teeth before they were even fully erupted. She will work a lifetime trying to maintain her teeth and spend thousands just to keep her own teeth or have veneers, caps, implants, etc. Ugh.
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Update- Had the surgery yesterday. It was not an infection it was a tumor. The surgeon does not think it is cancerous but sent it for biopsy anyway. My upper jawbone took a hit- he took out some bone and tissue with the teeth. My wisdom teeth removal does not hurt at all. The site where the tumor was hurts like ...real bad.

Upside- my fipper is in and it fit after surgery. My husband loves it. My trademark Gap in the front is gone so I have even teeth now. He likes this very much. I really don't. I liked my gap as it reminded me of my dad and I liked my spaces in front. Now my teeth are like most peoples. Reasonably straight and white. My husband goes on an one about how great they look, they make me look younger. I think they make me look older.

Not complaining though at all. Glad my mouth is now on the way to being healthy which is the most important thing.

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can you get another flipper made with the gap carved out? most flippers are just acrylic and can be filed/ground/shaped/etc however.
just a thought

be well!
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I wanted to thank everyone who shared their experiences with me and or gave me advice and encouragement. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think when the swelling goes down I will get the flipper adjusted but it is okay for now. As for the gap I will leave it closed. When I smile it hurts, but my overjet is gone. The pain is really bad and I hate vicodin. So advil is what I am using.

Here is a pic that I took two days ago. My nose is still swollen as well as my upper lip area. The swelling is down a little today. I still look extremely goofy. lol


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most of my upper lip, and the space between lip and nose, is scar tissue. the scars have mostly faded, and i had fantastic surgeons, but it is what it is. and that means that whenever that area is irritated (like from the old-style, heavy gas masks), my upper lip swells up like a badly done trout pout.

that puffy-swollen upper lip thing is hard to explain unless you've had it, and i have! (the *worst* time was two days before 10th grade picture day! oy!)

take care of you. ♥


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If you didn't say you were swollen I wouldn't know. You look beautiful and have a beautiful smile! I am wishing you a fast recovery and pain free days soon.
Thanks Dana and Jcent! I have had problems. First off the flipper teeth are too dark and they are remaking them. I need them done in "bleach white" because color 1B is the lightest natural color and they are still too dark. So this will be done on 3/7.

The most horrible thing is that my dentist was negligent and put all my healthy teeth at risk. My bite is very tight and the flipper caused my back teeth not to touch. This put all my teeth at risk for shifting and also risk for bone loss and tooth death in mere months. I researched this and had to bring it to his and the oral surgeon's attention three times. Finally the surgeon said "This needs to be corrected or you could lose all your teeth". Ummm....yeah. Why am I telling these guys this- shouldn't they be telling me? After one week of TMJ pain they corrected by bite by shaving four of my healthy, virgin, bottom teeth. I hope this will end the pain and let me heal. The flipper fits better and so far the jaw pain is decreased.

This is soooooo unsettling. If I did not have google and the internet I could have found myself in a very bad situation because the dentist and surgeon overlooked such an important consideration. This scares me.........

But hopefully things will improve now and I will heal. I do not wish this on anyone. Never trust your doctors, surgeons, dentists totally. Research, ask questions and be diligent in getting your concerns addressed. If you don't you may find yourself in really bad shape. Even if you do, I still worry for people who are given misinformation or labeled "problem" patients.
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I agree totally. I would have lost the use of both my legs if my mother had listened to Drs when I was a kid. You do have to do your own research and advocate for yourself!

I hope you are feeling a bit better now!!

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yep, my first flipper (in, um, 1994?) the tooth was darker than my real teeth. i don't know if my orthodontist didn't have "bleach white" back then, or if he knew that would be toooo white, but the lightest colour available was still too dark.

i got used to the colour mismatch pretty quick, but then it was just one tooth. then again, it was just nice to have a tooth there again, after all those years!
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