italian hand made...

we only have the two items but they are hand made in italy & as usual no 2 are alike-they are made of papermachae & nice examples of the craft-steve...1st pic.


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Dana ♥

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i'm confused, though. did you make these? or is collecting them your hobby?
(being as this is the "Hobbies, Arts, Crafts" subforum)
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hello dana-these masks were made in italy, im only a collector-from what i understand each one is unique because they are hand made & no 2 are alike. really very intense in person & very light because they are paper-steve...
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the tags have venice,italy. st lucia imports, i didnt realize but both items from same location-the store that sold them also sells gem stones, minerals, & different kinds of glassware-steve...
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there is a movie out several years ago called "van helsing" a spoof on vampires-in one of the sceens showing a grand ball, all the vampires are wearing very elaborate masks-costumes are very well done-steve...
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