Issue with diamonds unevenly placed in a channel setting

Hi Everyone,

I bought a ring from 1791 Diamonds. It is a really nice design but there is some real issues with the workmanship here. My princess channel stones are wonky and unevenly spaced. The manufacturer is not accepting responsibility and making strange excuses. The retailer 1791 Diamonds have not been returning my emails, it seems they can't be bothered. Its such a shame as I spent over $10k this ring and it has some serious issues. Can anyone please advise me here? It is such a fine line between whether it is a manufacturer or retailer responsibility to repair. Any help from someone in a similar situation would be really beneficial here. Thank you in advance.


BTD Crown Jewel
For something like this, pricescope might be the better place to get advice. I've never heard of 1791 Diamonds, but maybe someone over there may have had experience with them. Honestly, if the pictures of what you selected don't match up with what you received, I'd say return it if they don't want to make it correctly. Seeing gaps between stones in a channel setting drives me crazy!