Is This Repair Price Super High?

My wife gave her engagement ring to the jewelry store to have it cleaned and looked at for loose prongs, stones, what have you...

They just gave me a quote of needing to have ten prongs retipped at a cost of $1415.

I've had prongs retipped in the past for $10, $20 so this was shocking to me.

Her ring is a very old vintage piece, 1910-1915 or so, Art Deco, 18kt White Gold, Old Mine Cut Diamond, and Two Sapphires in the sides... so i could understand the prong repair being more than a 410 re-tip, but $130 per retipped prong seems ludicrous. I bought this from the same jeweler in January of 2017, it sat in a box for six months, and has only been worn for under a year.

Can anyone with expertise justify this $1415 bill for ten retipped prongs? Am I getting fleeced?

Any idea of what a typical repair price range should cost?
I just had a gem set in a used setting and had the prongs retipped for less than $250. They did a great job, too. I am located in Atlanta, I don’t know if prices can vary depending on the area but your quote sounds high.