Is this a poorly cut H&A moissy? Help

Yeah to me that doesn't look like a h&a cut. I haven't been as impressed with harro gem cuts, they seem to fall just a bit short. Any reason you didn't get a MoissaniteCo h&a?
I honesty don't mind that the stone doesn't show heart and arrows, it's a beautiful stone but I was question the cut as I've haven't seen many hearts and arrows look like this.

I didn't go with C&C because the forever One looked a little too blue and Steeley if that makes sense.

I do love how harro gem performs, it throws less rainbows and appears more white and slightly more solid.
View attachment 27465 This is my first time posting on these boards. I need clarification on if this would be considered a bad or poor cut moissy.

Thank you in advance!
It's a nice, even brilliant cut done by laser, which gives a much more controlled, even and symmetrical cut than a man's bad eyesight and trembling hands will ever do. If it's brilliant and didn't cost an arm and a leg then you're good to go my friend.