Is it "safe" to wear Moissanite E-Rings daily/all the time?

For those of you with experience in wearing a Moissanite-center-stone ring as your long-term/daily ring, do you feel comfortable wearing it everywhere/all the time?

I ask because I've always been under the impression that ladies (and gentlemen) with diamond E-rings tend to wear them 24/7 (many wear them in the shower and to bed, no?) -- and because Moissanites are 9+ on the hardness scale, I assumed they could be treated in the same way.

But then I read this thread and I'm scared about wearing it so casually and haphazardly.

Any input? Thank you in advance for your experiences!


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Eternity rings, regardless of stone type, are much more prone to damaged stones and it is generally accepted that over time, stones will need replacing from damage. This goes for diamonds, sapphires, etc.

I wear my moissy e-ring all the time. I mean, I take it off when I am doing dishes, or any serious dirty work with my hands, and I don't sleep with it because I don't want the prongs to be loosened up over time by getting pulled on by the sheets. But, honestly, people I know with nice diamond e-rings don't wear them constantly either because they know diamonds can be damaged too.

All in all, I wear my moissy ring constantly because of its durability, but I take some care with all my jewelry.

Hadley, on the other hand, wears her rings 24/7 and they look amazing, she's put them through stuff I wouldn't want to put my hands through.


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I had a gorgeous bar set moissy eternity band that I just adored...until I dropped it in a porcelain sink while cleaning it, and managed to internally shatter two stones and chip a third. :p
It is unfortunate, but eternity bands are prone to be more fragile than other rings, and moissanites chip more easily than diamond because of how brittle they are, but NO stone is impermeable to chipping. Not even diamond.
I didn't wear my diamond ering 24/7 but I wore it most of the time when awake, never for sleeping. I wear my moissy just like my diamond, maybe a bit less only because it is bigger. Washing dishes for example, it doesn't fit well under the gloves but if I'm just washing a few I don't bother with the gloves anyway.

It generally works out such that if I need to wear gloves to do something (dishes, projects, gardening, etc) then my ring and watch come off to. Other than that I am wearing it.
Thank you -- this is a great way to think about it -- if I'm doing something so intensive that it needs gloves for protection, I should probably not have a big ring on! I'll be sure to keep that in mind for dishes and the like...


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Yes to what everyone said above, including what Miss Cassie said about me wearing my rings for EVERYthing 24/7. I do all of the following in my Moissanite set (pictured in my avatar): sleep, shower, housework, office work, pull weeds, shovel snow, camp, ski, pull up carpet, plumbing repairs... you get the picture. I do take them off to do things like put on lotion, mix meatloaf, and paint (sometimes), but only because it's a PITA to scrub the gunk out from between the prongs later.

I wore my first Moissy solitaire like this for about ten years without incident. Now that I've upgraded to an Amora, I live the same. My original 2mm band in my avatar has been with me for about 13 years and still looks the same.

Have I been lucky? I assume so, to a certain extent. Are our rings more durable than than our fears about them? I assume so, to a certain extent. I think it's a combination of both.
I just started wearing my moissy ring and I do wear it more than most. I basically have only been taking it off to shower, wash my face and sometimes to sleep (sometimes).

I know I promised I would take it off to sleep, but I love her so much I just have to put her back on some nights.

I'm actually not very concerned about hurting the stone at all. I'm more concerned about damaging the setting as I am pretty hard on my rings.

I had to give up my diamond pave settings because I wore those rings the same way I do now and I had to replace melee stones every 6 months. No joke... I think my local jeweler is probably missing me right about now. It's been about a year since I've been back.

I never hurt any of my diamonds other than the small melee stones and I've yet to hurt my moissy... I have however managed to ding up my new ring in the few short weeks I've owned it. Not too horribly -- mostly just surface scratches.


Well, I somehow scratched/chipped the table on the first OEC I had set in my ring. No idea how. I just know it happened within a couple weeks of when I noticed it, as I had looked at my ring scrupulously many times and never noticed it before then. I am always quite careful with my ring so still have no idea how it happened. It is tiny and I get eye strain looking for it, but it is there.

I don't wear my rings 24/7. I remove them if I am doing anything that would put the stone, ring, or my finger at risk. This includes working out, working outdoors, cleaning, and so on. I don't sleep with it on, only shower with it if I am away from home and don't have a safe place to put it/them, etc. I have a spare band/stackers to wear if I am not wearing my OEC ring.

Not even diamonds are immune from damage. I know plenty who have cracked their diamonds during use and I actually don't know that many who wear them 24/7 except amongst the older generations who tend to also have some really dirty looking rings!
I have a low set solitaire that i keep on all the time...wash my hands with antibacterial stuff multiple times a day as I work in a hospital. never take off except mixing dough...hope Hadley's experience is mine too!
I do wear my moissy ALL the time. Baking, sleeping, shower, kayak, beach, dishes....etc. If it starts to get dirty or cloudy, nothing a toothbrush and a little toothpaste won't fix
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sarabara25 said:
I am not so worried about damaging my ring while I sleep, I am woried about damaging my face! I know I would scratch myself for sure!
LOL Sabara... I once slept with my enagement ring on... I must have put my hand against my face because I woke up with a red square mark on my cheek, and the ring was all dull with face oils.
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You're right! I'll have to play around and see what I'm comfortable with, but I can see wearing it almost always (and removing it for cooking/cleaning/washing my hair).


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I treat all my rings including diamonds the same, no sleeping, showering, house work, gardening, cooking etc. The best way not to damage your rings and potentially lose a stone.

I cringe when I hear that people never take their rings off, LOL.

A word from Leon on jewelry care
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poppyseed said:
I treat all my rings including diamonds the same, no sleeping, showering, house work, gardening, cooking etc. The best way not to damage your rings and potentially lose a stone.

I cringe when I hear that people never take their rings off, LOL.

A word from Leon on jewelry care
I'm the same... Rings come off when I get home and go back on before I leave the house.
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I take my rings off to do certain things--loading the dishwasher, cooking, applying lotion, showering, the same stuff as other people have mentioned. I've been told by my jeweler that I should take them off when I come home and only wear them out, but I love wearing them so much. I occasionally knock them against something or drop one, but overall I try to be careful. I'm a little concerned about how much of a pita it's going to be to add a RHR into the mix (and that will have a moissy center), but I have the prongs on my rings checked about once a year and I'm just going to see how it goes. I think the most annoying thing is going to be hand washing. I wash my hands probably more than the average person, and I wash and rinse under my rings every time. Then I have to pat the insides dry on something, a paper towel or whatever. So adding a ring is going to make handwashing and drying more time consuming, and there's always the risk of dropping and/or losing a ring when pulling them partway off the finger. But I'm too OCD to not rinse under the rings, I feel like I would have soap residue under there if I didn't, and I can't abide the feeling of water trapped under my rings either.